Dynasty : Rathore

Hindi Name : अनूपशहर

Religion : Hindu

Clan : Kandhal

Subclan : Rawtot

Revenue : ₹unkonown

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Thikana Anoopshahr or Anupro is the prominent and famous family of Bishnadasot race, which is a sub-arm of Kandhal Rawatot domain. Bishnadasot is derived from Rao Bishandas Ji who was immediate grandson of Rao Kandhal Ji and son of Rao Raj Singh Ji. Post martyrdom of Rao Kandhal Ji, his second son Rao Raj Singh Ji was given throne of Rajasar as eldest son Baagh Singh attained martyrdom fighting against Sultan Behlol Lodhi. There is dilemma that Rajasar throne might have gone to Banir Ji who was son of Baagh Singh Ji but it is a fiction as in many history books (Raghunath Singh Kaalipahari et al. 2066) have proved that Banir Ji was in child age hence Raj Singh remained as ruler. Rajasar was one of the main thikana among four thikana of Bikaner Province. By the passage of time, Rajasar transformed into Rawatsar as honorable ‘Rawat’ title was awarded to Raj Singh Ji and simultaneously decedents of his are known as ‘Rawtot’. Kunwar Saheb Kishandas Ji who was eldest son of Raj Singh Ji displayed extraordinary bravery against Kamran who attacked on Bikaner. Second son Bishandas Ji was also a brave having Rajput virtues and took part in several attacks and fought with extra ordinary courage and gave bloody nose to the enemies. Bishandasot consecutively migrated and occupied thikana in outskirts of Rawatsar, Jaitsar, Sahwa, Bhadra, Bisrasar, Ganghusar, Khui, Aasann and Kalasar. Now, currently majority of Bishandasot are residing in Anoopshahr and Aashann.

Anoopshahr is thikana with ample number of temples and monuments of Maharaja Jorawar Singh Ji of Bikaner. Maharaja Jorawar Singh of Bikaner was wounded in the battle of Hissar and attained martyrdom in Sidhmukh. But since Sidhmukh was religious land or tapobhoomi declared by the Guru Gorakshnath of Gogameri. So final rites of Maharaja Jorawar Singh Ji was completed in Anupro at that time. His seven wives made a Johaado or water storage pond and monument or Chattari by providing seven beegha of land and recruited a care taker but due to passage of time and constant carelessness these are at the age of extinction.


  • Rao Kandhal Dev Ji
    • Kunwar Baagh Singh Ji
    • Rao Lakhdheer Singh Ji
    • Kunwar Raj Singh Ji (qv)
    • Kunwar Nimba Ji
    • Kunwar Sura Ji
  • Rao Raj Singh Ji
    • Rao Kishan Das Ji
    • Rao Bishan Das Ji (qv)
  • Rao Bishan Das Ji
  • Sarangde Ji (qv)
  • Khangaar Singh Ji
  • Sarang De Ji
    • Pirthiraj Ji (qv)
    • Shyamdas Ji
    • Narsinghdas Ji
    • Akhe Raj Ji
  • Pirthiraj Ji
    • Ramdas Ji (qv)
  • Ram Das Ji
    • Jagdev Ji
    • Chandarsen Ji
    • Bhopat Singh Ji (qv)
    • Chandar Bhaan Ji
  • Bhopat Singh Ji
    • Tej Singh Ji (qv)
    • Bhadar Singh Ji
    • Raghunath Singh Ji
    • Dulhe Singh Ji
  • Tej singh Ji
    • Amar Singh Ji
    • Bhinv Singh Ji
  • Amar Singh Ji
    • Khinvkaran Ji
    • Jagroop Singh Ji
    • Ber Singh Ji
    • Kushaal Singh Ji
    • Saal Singh Ji
    • Anoup Singh Ji (qv)
  • Anoup Singh Ji
    • Surtaan Ji
    • Khadag Singh Ji (qv)
    • Karni Singh Ji
  • Khadag Singh Ji
    • Pahaad Singh Ji (qv)
    • Kaan Singh Ji
    • Sardul Singh Ji
  • Pahaad Singh Ji
    • Saahil Singh Ji
    • Om Singh Ji
    • Hukum Singh Ji (qv)
    • Hameer Singh Ji
  • Hukum Singh Ji
    • Ganpat Singh Ji
      • Rajkumar Singh Ji
      • Bagdawat Singh Ji
      • Kali Singh Ji
      • Sanwat Singh Ji
        • Hanuman Singh Ji
          • Narendra Singh
            • Chandraveer Singh
          • Ravindra Singh
        • Kripa Singh Ji
        • Dharampal Singh Ji
        • Bhoop Singh Ji
        • Ummed Singh Ji
        • Suman Singh Ji
        • Bhupendra Singh Ji
      • Moti Singh Ji
    • Surjan Singh Ji (qv)
    • Jawahar Singh Ji
    • Jaimal Singh Ji
    • Sher Singh Ji
  • Surjan Singh Ji
    • Mangej Singh Ji
    • Arjan Singh Ji
    • Hanut Singh Ji
    • Randheer Singh Ji
    • Devi singh Ji, Assistant Sub Inspector in Rajasthan Police.
  • Hanut Singh Ji
    • Bhanwar Singh Ji, Assistant Sub Inspector in Rajasthan Police.
      • Jaipal Singh Ji, Vice President in Fairewealth Securities and Pehap Singh Ji is Hotel Manager in Accors Group , New Delhi.
        • Bhaanupartap Singh
    • Moman Singh Ji
      • Pawan Singh Ji
      • Vinod Singh Ji
    • Mahender Singh Ji
      • Pep Singh Ji
      • Ajeet Singh Ji
      • Surender Singh Ji
    • Inder Singh Ji, serving in Indian Army at the Post of Subedar Major and National Security Guards (NSG Commando 51 Speacial Action Group).
      • Dalip Singh Ji, persuing PhD from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad in Microbiology and has several international repute research papers.
      • Sandeep Singh Ji

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