Dynasty : Dodiya Rajput

Clan : Purawat

Religion : Hindu

Hindi Name : चांपानेर

Present HEAD

Rawat Brijraj Singh Dodiya, 8th and present Thakur of Chanpaner, married to Bharti Kanwar Shaktawat, daughter of Rao Jaswant Singh Shaktawat of Jamunia Raoji and has issue, one son.
  • Kunwar Aditya Singh, married to Manisha Kanwar, daughter of Daveandra Singh Tomar of Thikana Mohna and has issues, one daughter and a son.
    • Bhanwar Baisa Tajeswaniraje
    • Bhanwar Yashrajsingh



The Chapaner thikana was established in 1769 by Rawat Bharat Singh ji, the younger son of Rawat Ajab Singh ji of Mandaval. This base came under the British Territorial Creed Piploda State, that is, in the category of Khidmatghar Thikana itself. In the British era, this thikana was famous for its cattle hatchery. The present ruler (at that time )of this place, Rawat Bhairu Singh ji visited Delhi Durbar which was held in 1911 on the arrival of George V, with his younger brother Bhawani Singh ji at the invitation of Birmingham Palace.


  • Rawat Bharat Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner, married to Maya Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Nahar Singh Panwar of thikana Bhensola and had issues, four sons.
    • Sher Singh (qv)
    • Salam Singh
    • Bhagwat Singh
    • Hemant Singh
  • Rawat Sher Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner.
    • Sangram Singh
    • Moti Singh, committed jujhar in a battle.
    • Tej Singh (qv)
    • Gamer Singh
      • Mehtab Singh (qv)
    • Fateh Singh
  • Rawat Tej Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner.
  • Rawat Madho Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner, married and had no issues, so he adopted his uncle’s son Thakur Mehtab Singh Dodiya as his successor.
    • (A) Mehtab Singh Dodiya (qv)
  • Rawat Mehtab Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner.
    • Rawat Bheru Singh (qv)
    • Bhawani Singh
  • Rawat Bheru Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner, married 1stly to Ranisa Phool Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Shivpratap Singh Jhala of Thikana Talsana (Gujarat), married 2ndly to Ranisa Binda Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Rup Singh Khanawat of Thikana Amargharh (Mewar).
    • Hansa Kanwar (from 1st wife), married to Thakur Jalam Singh Naruka of Thikana Nayan.
    • Amar Singh (qv)
    • Narayan Singh
    • Fateh Singh
    • Pream Kanwar, married to Thakur Saheb of Amlikheda.
    • Shanbhu Kanwar, married to Kanwar Saheb of Pipliya.
  • Rawat Amar Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner, married to Rajkumai Prem Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Bhawani Singh Chandrawat of Thikana Khajuri (Jorawar Singh) and had issues, three daughters and two sons.
    • Baisa Usha Kanwar, married to Kanwar Ranjit Singh Panwar of Thikana Bhakrada.
    • Baisa Uma Kanwar, married to Viswanath Singh Rathore of Thikana Harsola.
    • Baisa Rama Kanwar, married to Kanwar Vireandra Singh Solanki of Thikana Ghada.
    • Brijraj Singh (qv)
    • Shivnath Singh, married to Prem Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Ram Singh Ranawat of Thikana Nimbarwada.
  • Rawat Brijraj Singh Dodiya, Rawat of Chanpaner (Present Head See Above)

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