Dynasty : Sisodia

Clan: Sarandevot

Hindi Name: देव

present head

Maharaja Jagnath Singh, died without a son in 1938 and end of the Dev royal family and finally take over the power of governance by the Britishers. At present, Sri Dhananjai Kumar Singh, son of his queen’s sister’s daughter is the successor of estate.


The king Bhairavendra, the last Raja of Umga or Umgagarh (Derived from hindi word Umang i.e pleasure as the beautiful hill area was used for stay and hunting by several pilgrims on voyage to gaya or orrisa) died , leaving behind his widow and the only daughter to succeed the Umga kingdom. The death of dynamic king Bhairavendra created anarchy among the subjects. Rebellions subjects were trying to snatch the ruling power from the widow of Bhairavendra. According to local tradition, Rai Bhan Singh, a younger brother of Rana of Udaipur, emcamped at Umaga on his way back to the shrine of Jagannath (Orissa). When the widow of Bhairavendra heard the arrival of a mighty king of Udaipur, she sent her messenger to the king requesting to accept her only daughter through marriage and to quell the incipient rebellions. Rana Rai Bhan Singh got control over the mutinous subjects in few days. Arranging marriage with the only daughter of the local ruling widow, he became the king of Umga hill fort. After his death, his seven descendants ruled Umga hill. The local ruling Hindu Rajas and Sisodia’s coming from Mewad freed the shrines from the control of Muslims. They renovated some of the shrines and once again started Hindu traditions of performing worship in the shrines on different festive occasions, which are still continuing.


  • Rai Bhan Singh, son of Net Singh form Kanore, Mewar.
  • Raja Sahatramaal Singh
  • Raja Tarachand Singh
  • Raja Viswambhar Singh
  • Raja Kalyan Singh
  • Raja Jujhar Singh, died without issue hence was succeed by his brother.
  • Raja Atibal Singh, brother of Jujhar Singh.
  • Raja Nainpal Singh
  • Rani Satyawati
  • Raja Pratap Singh
  • Maharaj Prabil Singh, founder of Dev Riyasat/Esatablised Dev Castle.
  • Maharaj Chatrapati Singh
  • Maharaj Fatehnarayan Singh, his daughter married Babu Veer Kunwar Singh, a veteran freedom fighter.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Raja Kunwar Singh of Jagdishpur.
  • Maharaj Ghanshyam Singh
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Maharaj Bahadur Jai Mangal Singh of Gidhaur.
  • Maharaj Mitra Bhan Singh
  • Maharaj Jaiprakash Singh (veer Bhartendu).
  • Maharaja Bhishma Narayan Singh
  • Maharaja Jagnath Singh

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