Dynasty: Sisodia

Hindi Name: धारियावाड़

Clan: Ranawat

State: Udaipur

present head

(Fort Dhariyawad, Dhariyawad House, C-25 Sawai Jai Singh Highway, Bani Park, Jaipur-302005, Rajasthan, India).


  • The estate was founded in the mid 16th century by Kunwar Sahasmal, the second son of Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar. Estate holders were…
    • Kunwar SAHAS MAL, 1st Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad, married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Bhupat Ram (qv)
    • Kunwar BHUPAT RAM, 2nd Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad
    • Kunwar KESRI SINGH I, 3rd Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad
    • Kunwar VIRAM DEO, 4th Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad
    • Kunwar VIJAI SINGH I, 5th Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad
    • Kunwar BAKHAT SINGH, 6th Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad
    • Kunwar SAKAT SINGH, 7th Kunwar Saheb of Dhariawad
    • Rawat JODH SINGH, 8th Rawat of Dhariawad, he was granted the title of Rawat as a hereditary distinction.
    • Rawat SURAJ MAL, 9th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat PREM SINGH, 10th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat RAI SINGH, 11th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat RAGHUNATH SINGH, 12th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat BAKHTAWAR SINGH, 13th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat VIJAI SINGH II, 14th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat KESRI SINGH II, 15th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat PRATAP SINGH, 16th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat JASWANT SINGH, 17th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • Rawat KHUMAN SINGH, 18th Rawat of Dhariawad
    • HH Rani Yashwant Kunwar, daughter of the Rao of Dhariawad, married, as his first wife, HH Raja Sir Jashwant Singh Bahadur of Sailana.
    • Baisa (name unknown), married Thakur Hanuwant Singh of Dundlod.
    • Thakur Dip Singh, married and had issue.
      • Baisa (name unknown), married Thakur Suraj Mal of Surajgarh and Bissau.
    • Kunwar Udai Bhan Singh, married 1945, Rajkumari Kamal Prabha, daughter of Raja Hari Singhji of Kuchaman, and his wife, Rani Dhariawa Kanwar.
      • Late Rawat Veer Vikram Singhji, married Rani Pushpa Kumari of Daspan.
      • Rawat Bhadhur Singhji, married Rani Vishnu Kumari of Gunawati and had issues.
        • Baisa Swati Kumari married to Yuvraj Arunaditya Ju dev Bundela Estate Datia.
        • Baisa Deepti Kumari married to Thakur Himanshu Rathore of Nimaj (Marwar).
      • Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh Ranawat, married to Thukrani Meena Kumari of Thikana Bagot and had issues.
        • Baisa Rajshree Kumari, studied at Mayo College Girls’ School Ajmer, a National level Bronze medalist, State level Gold medalist in Rifle Shooting, engaged to Kunwar Krishna Pal Singh of Thikana Pal (Marwar).
        • Baisa Divya Kumari, studied at Mayo College Girls’ School Ajmer.
        • Baisa Chandrika Kumari, studying at Mayo College Girls’ School Ajmer.
    • Thakur Ummed Singh, married and had issue.
      • Rani Nawal Kanwar, married Rawat Jaswant Singh I of Jawas, and had issue.

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