Kantit Raj Vijaipur

Princely State

Dynasty : Gaharwar

Clan : Gaharwar

Religion : Hindu

Villages : 403

Hindi Name : कंतित विजयपुर

State : Mirzapur, UP

Present HEAD

Raja Anil Pratap Singh , Raja Of Pratapgarh and Vijaipur , he was adopted by his Maternal Grandfather Raja SriNiwas Prasad Singh of Vijaipur.


After the death of Maharaja Jaychand of Kannauj in battle of Chandawar in 1194 against Md. Ghori. His brother Raja Manikchand migrated towards Kare Fort, near Allahabad & setteled himself at Manikpur (Now in Pratapgarh district)& his successors captured 16 parganas around Mirzapur , Allahabad & Varanasi region.  Thereafter, his 16th successor Raja Gudan Dev fought war with Sher Shah Suri in 1542 & lost. Then Gaharwar Raj of 16 parganas got divided into many small principalities/estates like Kantit, Manda, Kohdaar, etc.  Since, 1542 the state named Kantit-Vijaipur & Manda came into existence. Kantit-Vijaipur was largest & was main estate of Gaharwars.


  • Raja Ugrasen,(1542-44), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur
  • Raja Lakhan Sen(1544-45), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur.
  • Raja Govindchandra(1545-51), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur
  • Raja Narhar Dev(1551-58), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur. Issue 2 sons..
    • Raja Arjun Dev (qv)
    • Babu Ram Singh , granted Illaqedari of Banjari.
  • Raja Arjun Dev (1558-1561), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur
  • Raja Kanak Singh(1561-1577), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur, have issue 3 sons..
    • Raja Dadu Ram(qv)
    • Babu Prithvi Singh , granted Illaqedari of Barbata (12villages)
    • Babu Achal Singh, granted Illaqedari of Kushaha (42 villages).
  • Raja Dadu Ram/Danu Rai,(1577-1603) Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur, and had issue 3 Sons..
    • Raja Shakti Singh(Sakat Singh)(qv)
    • Babu Sujaan Singh Singh, granted Illaqedari of Newadhiya.
    • Babu Hriday , granted Illaqedari of Atraila.
  • Raja Shakti Singh/Sakat Singh (1603-1644), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur, he builted the fort of Shakteshgarh. He married to a Maunas Rajput lady of Bhadohi and received in dowry Tappa of Kon area. Issue 5 Sons..
    • Raja Jobraj Singh(qv)
    • Babu Ajit Singh, granted Illaqedari of Dhasda.
    • Babu Swarup Singh, granted Illaqedari of Chaturiya.
    • Babu Jay Singh, granted Illaqedari of Naogaon.
    • Babu Lal Bahadur of Dewahi(Rewa).
  • Raja Jobraj Singh (1644-61), Raja of Kantit Vijaipur. Issue 2 sons..
    • Raja Dhundhiraj Singh(qv).
    • Rajkumar Ratan Singh , granted Illaqedari of Shivgarh. (84 village)
  • Raja Dhundhiraj Singh (1661-1681), Raja of Kantit Vijaipur.
  • Raja Yuvraj Singh (1681-1701), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur, he shifted his capital from Kantit (near Vindhyachal) to Vijaipur around 1690s.
  • Raja Anup Singh aka Anup Shah Modi (1701-1741), Raja of Kantit Vijaipur, he sweared the title of “Shah-Modi” to motivate the Merchant Community for the betterment of Trade & Commerce. Due to efforts of Raja Anup Shah Modi The growth of Girijapur (todays Mirzapur) in the late seventeenth century was second only to Banaras in the economy of the region.
    According to the TarM-i-Bhadohin, Raja Anup Singh revolted against the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb & one General named, Mirza Abdul-Baqi Beg was sent to the area in the last years of Aurangzeb (when the emperor was in the Deccan) to deal with the rebel zamindar of pargana Kantit. The Mirza was welcomed by the Omar Baniyas, a local merchant community, and they also appear to have assisted him in his campaigns against Raja Anup Singh. Subsequently, following the emperor’s order, the chief of the Omar community, Nand Lal Omar, founded a town on the bank of the Ganges and named it after the Mirza. Soon after, Mirzapur was linked to the trade between the region and beyond mandvi (market) Phulpur and Banaras. By the time of Muhammad Shah, Mirzapur had grown into a major town with a large katra in its centre and at least three ganjs, Muzaffarganj, Lalganj and Munnuganj, in its vicinity to connect it with its rural hinterlands. The town like the other big towns of the Mughal empire, had a full-fledged shahnd/kotwal (superintendent of markets/chief police official) in Mohammed Shah’s time.
  • Raja Vikramajeet Singh (1741-58), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur.
    * In 1758, Raja Vikramaditya Singh was driven out by Balwant Singh (Raja of Benares) but after the fight with Raja Chet Singh (Balwant Singh’s successor) of
    Benares in 1781, Raja Govindjeet Singh, son of Raja Vikramaditya, recovered his possession & became Raja of Kantit Vijaipur.
  • Raja Govindjeet Singh (1781-83), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur. Died without issue, Succeeded by his nephew ‘Raja Ramgulam Singh.’
  • Raja Ramgulam Singh (1783-1821),(adopted) Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur.
    * Son of BaBu Ajit Singh, younger brother of Raja Govindjeet Singh.
  • Raja Mahipal Singh, (1821-45) Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur.
  • Raja Jagat Bahadur Singh,(1845-50) Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur.
  • Raja Jitendra/Rajendra Bahadur Singh (1850-63), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur.
    *Minor at the time of succesion, Died early.
  • Raja Bhupendra Bahadur Singh, born in 1863, (1881-1927), Raja of Kantit-Vijaipur. Married Rajkumari Suryapali Kunwar of Kalakanker, died without an issue.
  • Raja Beni Madhav Prasad Singh (1927/1948), Raja of Kantit Vijaipur.
    *Younger brother of Raja Bhupendra Bahadur Singh.
  • Raja SriNiwas Prasad Singh (1948/1980), married Rajkumari Rama of Mahson Taluqa and had an issue.
    • Rajkumari Asha Kumari (Heeramani), She was married to Raja Abhay Pratap Singh, Raja of Pratapgarh Taluka and has an issue.
    • Anil Pratap Singh.
  • Raja Anil Pratap Singh (See above).

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