Lakhahi Raj

Lakhahi Raj


Dynasty : Rathore

Hindi Name : लखाही

State : Oudh (Kheri district)

Accession : 1st July 1952

Wikipedia : Lakhahi Raj

Religion : Hindu

Present Head

Dr. Raja Sahib Munendra Pal Singh Ji Rathore (BAMMS), born , 12th and present Lakhahi Naresh since 1972 (The Palace, Lakhahi – 262907, Uttar Pradesh); educated at National P.G college Lucknow and further studies from King’s English College Lucknow; served as the House officer at Sitapur District Hospital and House Officer at King’s English Hospital Lucknow. He was in Politics for several years, now practicing in his own hospital. Married on 20th May 1971 to Rani Sahiba Manorama Singh Ji Somvanshi, daughter of Lambardar Sahib Shri Thakur Shiv Mangal Singh Ji Sahib Somvanshi of Beni Rajapur and has issues, one son and two daughters.

  • Yuvraj Sahib Shri Kunwar Puspendra Singh Ji Rathore (B.COM, LLB), born ; he is a Politician, agriculturalist, served as Convenor Of Legislative Assembly Uttar Pradesh from Bhartiya Janta Party Kheri division, Chairman of subdivision of Joint Ramiyabehar of Bhartiya Janta Party, Vice Chairman of Bhartiya Janta Party Yuva Morcha and member of District Working Committee Bhartiya Janta Party. Presently Secretary Bhrastachar Virodhi Sagharsa Samiti. Also Working as Officer of the Court at Allahabad High Court, Lucknow bench, Uttar Pradesh. Married on 24th February 1999 to Yuvrani Shrimati Renuka Singh Ji Sahib Chauhan and has issues, two sons.
    • Raj Bhanwar Yash Vardhan Singh Rathore
    • Raj Bhanwar Kirte Vardhan Singh Rathore
  • Rajkumari Geetika Singh Rathore, married to Thakur Narendra Pratap Singh Chauhan.
  • Rajkumari Preetika Singh Rathore, married to Kunwar Surya Pratap Singh Chauhan.

Short History

Lakhahi was founded in about 1461 as Usiya by Maharaja Kalyan Mal Ji. Lakhahi is in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Kheri District. Rao Kalyan Mal Ji who migrated from Jodhpur was the founder of Lakhahi. He conquered local tribal estates and other territories for establishing the state. The Royal Family is descended from the Royal House of Rathores of Jodhpur-Marwar.

An enormous temple of Lord Shiva was build by Maharaja Rambaksh Singh Ji Rathore in 1700s. It was decorated with a Golden Pot or Kalash. Lakhahi State became Zamindari in 19th century.


  • Rao Akhai Raj Ji Rathore, of Mandore (Marwar).
  • Maharaja Kalyan Mal Ji Rathore, 1st Maharaja of Usiya, founder of Lakhahi as Usiya.
  • Maharaja Beetal Das Ji Rathore, 2nd Maharaja of Usiya (Lakhahi).
  • Maharaja Beni Singh Ji Rathore, 3rd Maharaja of Usiya (Lakhahi).
  • Maharaja Fateh Singh Ji Rathore, 4th Maharaja of Lakhahi.
  • Maharaja Shiv Singh Ji Rathore, 5th Maharaja of Lakhahi.
  • Maharaja Ram Baksh Singh Ji Rathore, 6th Maharaja of Lakhahi. He build the Shri Janglinath Mahadev temple.
  • Maharaja Bakhat Singh Ji Rathore, 7th Maharaja of Lakhahi.
    • Kunwar Jai Gopal Singh Ji Rathore (qv)
    • Kunwar Harharatmak Singh Ji Rathore (qv)
  • Raja Jai Gopal Singh Ji Rathore, 8th Raja of Lakhahi. Later he was dethroned by the British government.
    • Thakur Shri Raj Bahadur Singh Rathore
    • Thakur Shri Vishveshwer Singh Rathore
    • Thakur Shri Mahesh Baksh Singh Rathore
    • Thakur Shri Shiv Prasad Singh Rathore
    • Thakur Shri Vishambhar Baksh Singh Rathore
    • Thakur Shri Rajeshwer Baksh Singh Rathore
    • Rajkumari Shree Munni Devi Singh
  • Raja Harharatmak Singh Ji Rathore, 9th Raja Of Lakhahi, born in the year 1850, married 2 times, 1stly with Rani Sahiba (name unknown) and 2ndly to Rani Sahiba Suraj Kanwar and from 1st Rani Sahiba he had issues, two sons and a daughter. He died in .
    • Kunwar Shankar Baksh Singh Ji Rathore, born , he served as a Nazir, a native court official in District magistrate court; married to Thakurani Sahiba Raghuvansh Kumari Singhji and had issues, one son and six daughters. He died on .
      • Thakur Shri Suraj Bux Singhji Rathore, born , served as joint Secretary to the government of Uttar Pradesh Rental Department; married to Thakurani Sahiba Shreemati Purnima Devi Singhji. He died on  without any issue.
      • Rajkumari Shreemati Lal Devi Singhji Rathore
      • Rajkumari Shreemati Munni Devi Singhji Rathore
      • Rajkumari Shreemati Manohar Devi Singhji Rathore
      • Rajkumari Shreemati Savitri Devi Singhji Rathore
      • Rajkumari Shreemati Munni Devi Singhji Rathore
      • Rajkumari Shreemati Vimala Devi Singhji Rathore
    • Kunwar Viswanath Baksh Singh Ji Rathore (qv)
  • Raja Viswanath Baksh Singh Ji Rathore, 10th Raja of Lakhahi, born in , served as first Sarpanch and Gram Pradhan throughout his life. He was the last ruling chief of the Raj of Lakhahi. He was expert of Ayurveda. He died on  at Lakhahi House, Lucknow. Married 3 times, first two wives died and 3rdly with Rani Sahiba Rajrani Singh Ji of Saraiya, she also Served as last Sarpanch throughout her life, had issues, two sons.
    • Kunwar Chandra Prakash Singh Ji Rathore (qv)
    • Kunwar Munendra Pal Singh Ji Rathore (qv)
  • Raja Chandra Prakash Singh Ji Rathore, 11th Raja Of Lakhahi, born . He detached himself From the Royal Family and left the throne and continued his Government Service. He Served as the Chief district medical officer, now practicing privately in his own Medical Hospital. Married to Rani Sahiba Manglesh Kumari and has issues, two sons and three daughters.
    • Dr. Kunwar Udit Prakash Singh Ji Rathore, married and has issues, one daughter.
    • Dr. Kunwar Aditya Prakash Singh Ji Rathore, married and has issue, one daughter.
  • Dr. Raja Munendra Pal Singh Ji Rathore (See Above)

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