Boraj Tanwaran


Dynasty : Tanwar

Subclan: Jwala Tanwar (Battisi Tanwar)

Hindi Name: बोरज तँवरान

Clan: Asalji ka

present head

Thakur Pratap Singh Tanwar, 5th and present Thakur Saheb of Boraj Tanwaran since 1993, married to Thakurani Inder Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Hamir Singh Solanki of Patan (Udaipur), has issues, 2 sons and a daughter.

  • Kunwar Devendra Singh Tanwar, married Kunwarani Laxmi Kanwar, daughter of Bhanwar Singh Chauhan of Thikana KallaKheri.
    • Bhanwar AbhiRaj Singh
  • Kunwar Gajendra Singh Tanwar, married to Kunwarani Yash Kiran, daughter of Shri Kalu Singh Songara Chauhan of Thikana Kuchdot (M.P).
    • Baisa Aarohi Kanwar
    • Bhanwar Rudra Pratap Singh
  • Baisa Girja Kanwar, married to Kunwar Mahendra Singh Ranawat, son of Thakur Laxman Singh Ranawat of Thikana Natela.


Tanwar Thakur (name unknown) who was a descendant of Tanwars of Patan (Torawati), moved to Salumber on the request of Rawat Kesari Singh Chundawat around 1700 AD and later his descendants established Boraj Tanwaran.



Boraj Tanwaran is a small village in Salumber tehsil (Udaipur dist). It is 8 k.m. East of Salumbar and famous for Amba Mata dam, rivers, forest, hills. Thakur Tej Singh Tanwar was granted the jagir of Boraj Tanwaran in 1876A.D by Rawat Jodh Singh Chundawat of Salumber and was later established by Amar Singh Tanwar.


  • Thakur (name unknown) Tanwar, moved to Salumber from Patan (Torawati) on Raoji Rawat Kesari Singh Chundawat’s request.
  • Thakur (name unknown) Tanwar, fought with Malhar Rao Holkar and died in this war for Salumbar Rawat. Three other Tanwar sardar died in that war and 3 Tanwar thakurain’s committed Sati.
    • Gulab Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Gulab Singh Tanwar (Gulji Tanwar), was granted the jagir of Ret-Hadi, Daila and Rebariya Wali Maodi village in 1798A.D (V.S.1855 Ashadh Sud 3 Friday) by Rawat Bheem Singh Chundawat of Salumber in honor of the sacrifice of his ancestor in the war against Holkar’s.
  • Thakur Ragunath Singh Tanwar, was granted the jagir of Dadra village (Gamra) in 1800A.D (V.S.1857 Magasa vid 14) by Rawat Bhawani Singh Chundawat of Salumber.
  • Thakur Bheem Singh Tanwar, was granted the jagir of Kelai village in 1825A.D (V.S.1882 Asauj Sud 7) by Rawat Padam Singh Chundawat of Salumber, this jagir was again taken by Rawat Jodh Singh Chundawat.
  • Thakur Rai Singh Tanwar, was granted the jagirs of Gamra, Sarvadi and Ven in 1868A.D. (V.S.1925 Magh Vid 5) by Rawat Jodh Singh of Salumber.
    • Dalel Singh Tanwar, was granted Sathpur (Girva) Jagir in 1882A.D (V.S.1939 Karthik Sud 4) by Rawat Jodh Singh Chundawat of Salumber. Married and had issue, 3 sons and 3 daughters.
      • Thakur Padam Singh Tanwar
        • Chandan Singh Tanwar, Thakur of Sathpur Jagir. He got silver coated sword by Salumber Rawat. He had no sons so he adoppted his younger brother Anop Singh.
        • Thakur Anop Singh, 4th and Last Thakur Saheb of Sathpur; he succeeded his brother and adoptive father, married to Rathore Thakurain of Thikana Gudel and had issue, two sons and a daughter.
          • Baisa Raj Kanwar, married to Thakur Keshar Singh Chundawat of Ajani.
          • Amar Singh Tanwar, addopted by Thakur Kanwar Singh Tanwar of Thikana Boraj Tanwaran.
          • Thakur Arjun Singh, holding Tanwar Pol (Salumber), Ret and Sathpur Jagir also granted some land in Boraj Tanwaran, married 1stly, Thakurani Rathoriji of Badawali, and had issue, one son, married 2ndly, a lady of Malwa, and had further issue, five sons and one daughter, seven children in all.
            • Gamer Singh Tanwar, from Rathore thakurain of Badawali, settled in Badawali, had issues, two sons.
              • Nagendra Singh, settled in Badawali.
              • Gajpal Singh, settled in Badawali.
            • Shivdayal Singh Tanwar
              • Baisa Hitesh Nandani
              • Bhishmpal Singh
            • Satyendra Singh Tanwar
              • Baisa Dimpal Kanwar
              • Manvendra Singh
            • Surendra Singh Tanwar
              • Baisa Lavanya Kanwar
              • Baisa Kanishka Kanwar
              • Devajaditya Singh
            • Arvind Singh Tanwar
            • Gopal Singh Tanwar
            • Baisa Kika Kanwar
      • Thakur Kishore Singh Tanwar, died sp.
      • Thakur Viram Dev Tanwar, a notable warrior, married and had issue.
        • Kunwar Hari Singh, died sp.
      • Baisa (name unknown), married to Thakur of Thada (Chundawat)
      • Baisa (name unknown), married to Thakur Nathu Singh Chauhan of Kargeta, letter he was adopted by Khandela Thakur (Chauhan).
      • Baisa (name unknown), married To Thakur Deep Singh of Kamla Amba.
        • Thakur Pratap Singh Chundawat
        • Thakur Kishor Singh Chundawat
    • Tej Singh tanwar, was granted the Jagir of Boraj Tanwaran.
  • Thakur Tej Singh Tanwar, he was granted the Jagir of Boraj Tanwaran in 1876A.D (V.S.1933 Poush Vid 13) by Rawat Jodh Singh Chundawat of Salumber.
    • Amar Singh Tanwar (qv)
  • Thakur Amar Singh Tanwar 1st
    • Kanwar Singh Tanwar (qv)
  • Thaker Kanwar Singh Tanwar, married and had no issue, he adopted Amar Singh Tanwar, son of Thakur Anop Singh Tanwar of Sathpur.
  • Thakur Amar Singh Tanwar II, 4th Thakur Saheb of Boraj Tanwaran -/1993, married Thakurani Moti Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Bheru Singh Rathore of Salaya, and had issues, three sons and a daughter. He died on .
    • Thakur Pratap Singh Tanwar (qv)
    • Thakur Chattar Singh Tanwar, married to Thakurani Basant Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Hamir Singh Solanki of Patan (Udaipur), has issue, two sons.
      • Kunwar Karan Singh Tanwar, working as a Technician in Indian Air Force, married to Kunwarani Suman Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Hamir Singh Chauhan of Thikana Kallakheri-Khara
        • Baisa Mayurika Kanwar
        • Bhanwar Janmejay Singh
      • Kunwar Arjun Singh Tanwar, married Kunwarani Paras Kunwar, daughter of Nahar Singh Balla of Vavri Nanga.
        • Baisa Hiteshree Kanwar
        • Bhanwar VishwaRaj Singh
    • Thakur Himmat Singh Tanwar, married to Thakurani Maan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur Keshar Singh Chundawat of Thikana Khirawada, and has issue, one son and two daughters
      • Baisa Varsha Kunwar, married to Kunwar Rajendra Singh Chundawat, son of Thakur Chattar Singh Chundawat of Jamuda.
      • Kunwar Hitendra Singh Tanwar, married to Baisa Sanju Kunwar, daughter of Thakur Natwar Singh Sisodiya (Ranmalot) of Barodiya (Pratapgarh).
      • Baisa Raj Kanwar, married to Kunwar Lokendra Singh, son of Thakur Parvat Singh Chauhan of Vanwasa.
    • Baisa Bhanwar Kunwar, married to Thakur Narpat Singh Rathore of Thikana Damari.
  • Pratap Singh Tanwar.

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