Princely State

Dynasty : Jhala

Revenue: INR 13,000

Hindi Name: डेध्रोता

Accession: 10th June 1948

Area: 29 km²

State: Oudh (Sultanpur Dist.)

Population: 1,100 (1892)

present head

Thakur Jhala Vikramsinh Kishorsinh, present head of Dedhrota, married and has issue.

  • Kunwar Shri Sidhrajsinh Vikramsinh, born , married to Jayshreekuvar, daughter of Chauhan of Malpuria, Palanpur and has issue, one daughter.
    • Devnandanikuvar, born .
  • Kunwar Shri Yogendrasinh Vikramsinh, born , married to Joshanakuvar, daughter of Solanki of Mangalgadh (M.P) and has issues, one daughter and a son.
    • Priyancikuvar, born .
    • Bhavyarajsinh Yogendrasinh, born .


  • A 6th Class state in Gujarat. Rulers were ……
    • Thakur Shri PUNJSINH, Thakur of Dedhrota, born , married and had issue.
      • Thakur Shri Nathusinh Punjsinh (qv)
      • Kunwar Shri Vakhatsinh Punjsinh, married and had issue.
        • Kunwar Shri Navalsinh Vakhatsinh, married Kumari Shri Vijayben, and has issue.
          • Kunwar Shri Darshansinh Navalsinh, born  in Mumbai, has a Diploma in Electrical Power Systems, married 7th December 2000 in Mumbai.
    • Thakur Shri NATHUSINH PUNJSINH, Thakur of Dedhrota, married and had issue.
      • Thakur Shri Daulatsinh Nathusinh (qv)
    • Thakur Shri DAULATSINH NATHUSINH, Thakur of Dedhrota, born , succeeded 8th September 1913; married and had issue.
      • Thakur Shri Pratapsinh Daulatsinh (qv)
      • Thakur Shri Kishorsinh Daulatsinh (qv)
    • Thakur Shri PRATAPSINH DAULATSINH, Thakur of Dedhrota 1936/- , born , educated at Scott’s College, Sadra, married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Shri Chandrasinh Pratapsinh, born .
    • Thakur Shri KISHORSINH DAULATSINH, Thakur of Dedhrota, born , educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot and Gujarat College, Ahmedabad, married and has issue.
      • Kunwar Jhala Vikramsinh Kishorsinh (qv)
      • Kunwar Jhala Dharmendrasinh Kishorsinh
        • Kunwar Jhala Badrinarayansinh Dharmendrasinh, born , married to Nilamkuvar, daughter of Rathore of Moyad.
        • Kunwar Jhala Alkeshkumar Kishorsinh
      • Thakur Jhala Vikramsinh Kishorsingh.

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