Dynasty: Rathore

Hindi Name: धामली

Clan: Champawat

Subclan: Balludasot

present head

Thakur Bhawani Singh Champawat, married to Shashi Raj Kanwar, daughter of Rao Mohan Singh ji Chitlwana.
  • Chandraveer Singh Rathore
  • Rajshree Rathore.


Dhamli is a village located 35km south of Pali Rajasthan. Thakur Padam Singh’s son Mokham Singh was granted the Jagir of Dhamli in 1751 by Maharaja Bakht Singh. In 1754 Thakur Mokham Singh fought gallantly against the Maratha army of Jaippa Scindia at Merta, where he attained martyrdom. Thereafter Mokham Singh’s son, Budh Singh, adorned the ‘gaddi’ of Dhamli and Sarwad. He had played a conspicuous part in the suppression of Hun menace at Sawarau in Phalodi region. Like his father, he was equally brave. He believed in traditional customs. An instance of this could be cited. During the rule of Maharaja Vijey Singh (1752-1793), the Maharaja himself had hedged a conspiracy against Thakur Jait Singh Champawat of Auwa, whom he got killed in the fort. The Maharaja also confiscated the jagir of Auwa. On hearing the sad news of the murder of her husband, Rani Ranawatji wanted to become Sati, but she was prevented by the ‘Hakims’ of Bali, Pali and Sojat, who had arrived at Auwa for the purpose. At this moment Rani Ranawatji thought of Thakur Budh Singh Champawat Balluote of Dhamli, and sent a message to him to assist her in becoming ‘Sati’. Though the relations between Dhamli and Auwa at the time were strained, but Thakur Budh Singh decided to help Rani Ranawat Ji and along with his cavalry reached Auwa. He asked the ‘Hakims’ not to interfere in the traditional custom, and pleaded the case of Rani Ranawat Ji. The ‘Hakims’ not had the courage to fight against Thakur Budh Singh,nor they were in a position of position to disobey his command. Rani Ranawatji sat on the pyre the traditional rites were performed, she gave abundant blessings to Thakur Budh Singh, thence the fire was lit and she became ‘Sati’. The Maharaja of Jodhpur was annoyed at this illegal act of Thakur Budh Singh. As such, he confiscated his jagirs of Dhamli, Sarwad and 11 villages; but soon restored them. After the demise of Thakur Budh Singh, his brother Zalim Singh’s son, Shambhu Singh, sat on the ‘gaddi’ of Sarwad and Dhamli. In 1787, the Maratha army of Madhavrao Scindia launched an attack on the combined forces of Jodhpur and Jaipur. A fearful battle took place at Toonga. Thakur Shambhu Singh Zalimsinghote, who accompanied the Jodhpur forces, had demonstrated a great valour in the battle of Toonga; where he was wounded. His 12 sepoys were killed in action. The Marathas were defeated in the battle. It was a great humiliation for the Marathas. In 1790, to avenge the defeat, Madhavrao Scindia’s commander again launched an attack on Jodhpur. Thakur Sambhu Singh, who was with Jodhpur forces, offered a stiff resistance, but could not stand long against the might of the Marathas. He was again wounded; his 13 sepoys were killed in action. The Marathas captured Sarwad,and Thakur Sambhu Singh had no option but to abandon Sarwad in 1791. Only the Jagir of Dhamli remained in his possession.After the demise of Thakur Sambhu Singh Zalimsinghote, the successors to the ‘gaddi’ of Dhamli. Thakur Manohar Singh was the son of Thakur Phahad Singh. He was born in . Educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, Maharaja Umed Singh of Jodhpur was greatly impressed by his personality and background, and appointed him as his A.D.C. Maharaja Umed Singh expired in 1947. He was succeeded by his son, Hanwant Singh. Maharaja Hanwant Singh died in an air crash in 1952. His son, Gaj Singh at the time was a minor. As such, the Maharaja of Jaipur, who was the Rajpramukh of Rajasthan, appointed Thakur Manohar Singh Dhamli as the State Holder of Jodhpur. He managed the affairs of the in a honest and systematic way, and saved it from bankruptcy and was respected by the State Marwar. Name is derived from Dhamaji Charan an early inhabitant of the village. Dhamli is on bank of river, it has a long history. Well known heritage hotel Fort Dhamli is located here.


  • Rao Champaji of Kaparda 1416/1466, he was granted in jagir, the village of Kaaparda in Jodhpur, the Champawat Rathores, including the Thakurs of Peelwa, Kaparda, Ransigaon, Balotra, Hariyadhana, Daspan, Pokhran, Auwa, Palri, Rohet, Singari, Dhandiyan, Bajekan-Dhingsara, Dhamli, Hursola, Sutlana, Jawula and Kaatoh.
    • Rao Shankar Das Ji
    • Rao Bhairav Das Ji
      • Rao Jaiso Ji
    • Rao Sagat Singh Ji
    • Rao Ratan Singh Ji
    • Rao Panchayan Ji
    • Rao Bhojraj Ji
    • Rao Jagmal Ji
    • Rao Banveer Ji
  • Rao Jaiso Ji, 1520/1541
    • Rao Mandan Ji, 1541/1579
  • Rao Mandan Ji, 1541/1579
    • Rao Gopal Das Ji
  • Rao Gopal Das Ji, Rao of Pali 1579/1607, married and had issues, eight sons.
    • Rao Raghav Das Ji
    • Rao Hathi Das Ji
    • Rao Hari Das Ji, granted the Thikana of Ganthia.
    • Rao Khet Singh Ji
    • Rao Dalpat Singh Ji
    • Rao Ballu Das Ji, granted the Thikana of Harsolav, married and had 18 issues.
      • Rao Dwarika Das Balluote (fourth son).
    • Rao Bhopat Ji, granted the Thikana of Badi Khatu.
    • Rao Vithal Das Ji
  • Rao Dwarika Das Balluote, fought the Battle of Dharmat.
    • Rao Bheem Singh Ji (Bagruda).
    • Rao Sundar Sen Ji (Bagruda).
    • Rao Sajjan Singh Ji of Sanwrad.
      • Rao Anup Singh Ji of Sanwrad (qv)
  • Rao Anup Singh Ji,of Sanwrad, married and had 4 issues.
    • Thakur Sahab Padam Singh Ji (First son).
  • Thakur Sahab Padam Singh Ji Sanwrad, fought the Battle of Sogawas (A.D 1750),married and had 7 issues.
    • Thakur Sahab Mokham Singh Ji Dhamli (First son), fought the Battle of Merta in A.D 1754 and had 2 issues.
      • Thakur Sahab Budh Singh Ji Dhamli
      • Thakur Sahab Zalam Singh Ji Dhamli
  • Thakur Sahab Zalam Singh Ji of Dhamli.
    • Thakur Sahab Shambhu (qv)
  • Thakur Sahab Shambhu Singh Ji of Dhamli, married and had 3 issues.
    • Thakur Sahab Sardul Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Sahab Sardul Singh Ji of Dhamli, married and had 4 issues .
    • Thakur Sahab Ranjeet Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Sahab Ranjeet Singh Ji of Dhamli, married and had 1 son.
    • Thakur Sahab Mool Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Sahab Mool Singh Ji of Dhamli, married and had 3 issues.
    • Thakur Sahab Pahad Singh Ji (qv)
  • Thakur Sahab Shri Pahad Singh Ji, married to Fateh Kanwar of Kundwa (near Deogarh).
    • Thakur Sahab Manohar Singh Ji (qv)
    • Thakur Sahab Kushal Singh Ji, married to Pratap Kanwar of Umri (Mewar).
      • Thakur Vijay Singh Ji, married to Sudarshan Kanwar of Boya (Ranawat Family) and had 5 issues.
        • Rituraj Singh Rathore, married at Maaudi (near Balotra).
        • Prithvi Raj Singh Rathore
        • Ranjeet Singh Rathore, married at Maaudi (near Balotra).
          • Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
        • Meghraj Singh Rathore, married at Narlai.
          • Tanveer Singh Rathore
          • Ramveer Singh Rathore
          • Krishna Rathore
        • Baisa Janak Kumari, married at Belwa (near Jodhpur).
    • Thakur Sahab Soor Singh Ji, married to Rasal Kanwar of Perwa and had 2 issues.
      • Thakur Devi Singh Ji, married to Rajendra Kanwar of Boya (Sonigara Chauhan Family) and had 6 issues.
        • Bhagirath Singh Rathore, married to Madan Kanwar of Malwara.
          • Manali Rathore
          • Harshvardhan Singh Rathore
        • Baisa Kiran Kumari, married to Pradhuman Singh Ji Bhati of Jakhan.
        • Baisa Neelam Kumari, married to Mahendra Singh Ji Ranawat of Khimara (near Sanderoa).
        • Baisa Maheshwari Kumari, married to Vijendra Singh Ji Shekhawat of Jajhad.
        • Baisa Seema Kumari, married to Ajit Singh Ji Shekhawat of Khetri.
        • Baisa Yashwant Kumari, married to Narendra Singh Ji Chauhan of Sinla.
      • Thakur Inder Singh Ji, owner of Fort Dhamli Heritage Hotel, married to Chandra Kanwar of Sanderoa.
        • Gajendra Singh Rathore, married at Khachariawas.
          • Veeramdeo Singh
        • Baisa Jyoti Kumari, married to Devendra Singh Ji Dewal of Kalda.
    • Thakurani Raj Kumari, married to Maharaj Sahab Shri Takhat Singh Ji of Kherabad.
    • Thakur Sahab Rughnath Singh Ji, married to Ram Kanwar of Mataji Guda and had 4 issues.
      • Thakur Jabbar Singh Ji, married to Sampat Kanwar of Ranawato-ki-Sadri.
        • Baisa Kavita Kumari, married to Narayan Singh Ji Deora of Durbana.
        • Baisa Laxmi Kumari, married to Manvendra Singh Shekhawat of Sultana.
      • Thakur Prem Singh Ji, married to Pawan Kanwar of Beroliya.
        • Lakshayraj Singh Rathore
        • Kashyapraj Singh Rathore
      • Baisa Vilam Kanwar, married to Thakur Sahab Swaroop Singh Ji Ranawat of Mori.
      • Baisa Pushpa Kanwar, married to Thakur Sahab Durgpal Singh Ji Deora of Balawna.
  • Thakur Manohar Singh Ji, married 1stly to Madan Kanwar of Syla and 2ndly to Maji Sahib Nand Kanwar from Bhragupur (Gujrat) and had 6 issues, 2 from 1st wife and 4 from 2nd wife.
    • Thakur Tej Singh Ji, married to Rajendra Kumari of Keria (Rajasthan) and had 3 issue.
      • Baisa Sunita Kumari, married in 1998 to Siddhendra Pal Singh of Awagarh (Uttar Pradesh).
      • Baisa Veeneta Kumari, married to Dependra Singh Deora of Basai (Madhya Pradesh)
      • Thakur Bhawani Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Man Singh Ji, married to Puspa Kumari of Bada Guda and had 2 issue.
      • Thakur Ajay Singh Rathore married to Neetu Kumari of Khudi.
        • Baisa Raghvi Rathore
      • Baisa Sangeeta Kumari, married to Yogendra Pal Singh Ji of Piplaj.
    • Baisa Chandra Kumari, married to Raja Sahab Ran Bahadur Singh Ji of Tonk (Madhya Pradesh).
    • Baisa Magan Kumari, married to Thakur Sahab Sumer Singh Ji Ranawat of Khimara (near Sanderao).
    • Baisa Mohini Kumari, married to Raja Sahab Vijendra Singh Ji of Karaudia (Madhya Pradesh).
    • Thakur Pradeep Singh Ji, married to Durga Kanwar of Lawa (Estate) and has issues, one son and a daughter.
      • Suryaveer Singh, married to Vinita Kanwar of Thana.
        • Karanveer Singh Rathore
        • Darshveer Singh Rathore
      • Baisa Yaswant Kumari
    • Jaideep Singh Ji, married to Mansa Kanwar of Bada Guda and has issues, 2 sons.
      • Amarjeet Singh Rathore
        • Udaybhan Singh Rathore
      • Prithvi Raj Singh Rathore
    • Baisa Pratibha Kumari, married to late Th. Narendra Singh Ji Ranawat of Bijapur (near Bali).
    • Baisa Divya Kumari, married to Shri Narpat Singh Ji Bhati of Lawarki.
  • Thakur Bhawani Singh Ji

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