Dynasty : Sisodia

Clan : Ranawat

Villages : 54

State : Chhattisgarh

Hindi Name :अकालतारा

Religion : Hindu

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present head

Thakur Rajesh Kumar Singh, born , M.Sc Anthropology, M.A. Sociology, L.L.B. Worked in International Organisation and started practising Law after resigning from Service. Published writer and blogger. Married to Vinita Singh (February 24th 1958 – December 31st 2008), BSc Honours from Benaras Hindu University, daughter of Thakur Surendra Vikram Singh of Thikaana Dokti, Ballia U.P and has issues.

  • Apurv Sisodia, born , P.G.D.I.B., P.G.D.B.M., L.L.B., married to Chetali Shekhawat, daughter of Thakur Dilip Singh Shekhawat Of Mahansar (Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan).
  • Anant Singh, born .


The family of Akaltara Malguzars trace its originto Sardar Singh and Pila Singh, who were two brothers. These brothers are said to have been originally residents of Mewar in the Jodhpur State of Rajputana.
It is said hat the brothers while pilgrimage to jagannath took service with the Raja of Surguja and afterwards with the Raja of Ratanpur. They Claim mauza PONDI as their original village. At the time of the first settlement the representative of the family was Sardar Singh and he was in Possession of 6 villages of which he obtained pattas from Major Elliot in 1858.
Subsequently, it is said, Sardar Singh took up the business of money-lending and considerably enlarged his estate by purchasing 45 villages including a damami village.
Thus, the estate now in the possession of family consists of 51 villages mostly situated in the Janjgir district. Sardar Singh and his younger brother Gaur Singh were Darbaris and the former also enjoyed an exemption under the Arms Act. Of the present leading representatives of the Family Raja Manmohan Singh, grandson of Sardar Singh, is a Darbari and Bishal Singh, son of Gaur Singh, Is exempt under the Arms act.
The Family Claims to be Suryavansi Rana chhatris of Bharadwaj gotra.



  • Thakur Sardar Singh, married to Purainhi Devi and had issues.
    • Thakur Amar Singh
  • Thakur Amar Singh, married to Thakurani Chanda Devi and had issues.
    • Agri Devi
    • Bhanu Devi
    • Manmohan Singh (qv)
  • Raja Manmohan Singh (1871 – 1942), was awarded the title of Raja by the British Govt. Member Of Legislative Council from the year 1936. Married 1stly Thakurani Moti who died along with her father Thakur Amar Singh in an accident, married 2ndly Rani Kirti Devi (1875 – 1956) and had Issues.
    • Lal Dr Indrajit Singh (qv)
    • Bisun Devi
    • Tirpati Devi
  • Lal Dr Indrajit Singh (April 29th 1906 – Jauary 26th 1952), M.A, L.L.B, Ph.D, Eco.S, Eminent Scholar & Hunter, First Ph.D in Anthropology from CP & Berar ,second from University Of United Kingdom in 1948. Wrote Research Paper and was published as a book on the ‘Gondwana and the Goands’. Fellowship Awarded by the Royal Society Of Economics, England. Married to Thakurani Shanti Devi and had issues.
    • Thakur Rajendra Kumar Singh (July 15th 1927 – July 30th 1979), M.A., L.L.B. Member of Legislative Assembly 1972 – 1979, elected twice. Married to Vindheshwari Devi and has issues.
      • Thakur Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh (June 6th 1954 – Nov 17th 2012), Ex-M.L.A from Akaltara Constituency, elected once. Married to Shubha Singh of Pratapgarh and has issues.
        • Shambhavi Singh, married Kumarmethi  Anant Vikram Singh, son of Raja Dr. Sanjay Singh of Amethi has issue.
        • Aparna Singh
        • Raghavendra Kumar Singh
      • Kumari Alka Singh, married to Thakur Vijay Singh Gudda.
      • Kumari Nirja Singh, married to Thakur Ajit Singh Rathore of Peelwa.
    • Thakur Satyendra Kumar Singh (February 1929 – July 13th 1999), M.A. English Literature, Agra University. President of Janpad Panchayat and in Advisory Board of District Administration for a span of over 30 yrs. Married to Asha Singh, B.A. Honours Benaras Hindu University of Rooppur Thikana, daughter of Thakur Mathura Singh and has issues.
      • Thakur Rajesh Kumar Singh (qv)
      • Thakur Rahul Kumar Singh, born , M.A. Archeology (Gold Medalist), Joint Director in Department of Culture of Chattisgarh Govt. Prominent Scholar and well Known International Personelle in the field of History, Archeology, Literature and Culture. Married to Namrata Singh, daughter of Thakur Amarnath Singh and has issue. 
        • Anupam Singh Sisodia, born , M.B.A.
    • Dr. Basant Kumar Singh (1931 – 1988), M.B.B.S from Agra Medical College, practiced Medicine in Jabalpur. Married twice, 1stly RadhaPyaari Devi and 2ndly Madhuri Devi of Semri Raibareli in 1960 and has issues.
      • Ritu Singh (from 1st wife), married Thakur Rakesh Singh of Ajamgarh and has issues.
      • Rohit Singh (from 1st wife), married Priti Singh and has issue.
        • Aryaki Singh
      • Rati Singh (from 1st wife), married Thakur Arun Singh and has issues.
      • Asit Singh (from 1st wife), married Vandana Singh and has issues.
      • Swati Singh (from 1st wife), married to Ajay Kumar Singh and has issues, three daughters.
        • Vanya Singh
        • Devika Singh
        • Tanya Singh
      • Rajiv Kumar Singh Sisodia (1967 – 2008) (from 2nd wife), was Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. Married to Pratibha Singh and has issues.
      • Yashveer Singh Sisodia (from 2nd wife).
      • Jaiveer Singh Sisodia (from 2nd wife).
      • Ranveer Singh Sisodia (from 2nd wife).
    • Smt Bina Devi, married Thakur Bhagirathi Singh of Nariya.
    • Thakur Dhirendra Kumar Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Dhirendra Kumar Singh, born , B.A., L.L.B. Former Member of Legislative Assembly from Akaltara Constituency, elected twice. Ex-Chairman S.A.D.A. Korba and President of Akaltara Education Trust. Married to Thakurani Prakash Singh, daughter of Thakur Surendra Singh Parihar of Nagoad, Madhya Pradesh. He died on .
    • Thakur Saurabh Singh, born . He is presently the Member of Legislative Assembly of Chattisgarh from Akaltara Constituency. Married to Aarti Singh of Badoh (Amb), Himachal Pradesh and has issues.
      • Paranjay Singh
      • Devwrat Singh
    • Shubha Singh, married to Thakur Raghvendra Pratap Singh and has issue.
  • Thakur Rajesh Kumar Singh (Present Head see above)

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