Dynasty : Brahman

Hindi Name : मिथाबेल

Religion : Hindu

Village : 29

Revenue : ₹12,719.

State : Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Present Head

Babu Nandan Dubey, 6th Zamindar of Mithabel, had served as arms and ammunition head of Unit 11 & 6 in Dandakaranya Project by central Government, he married Shrimati. Rajeshwari Dubey and had issues. 

  • Shri. Shailendra Dubey married Shrimati Priya Dubey who was the daughter of Persian Hindu businessman, Digvijaynath Pandey. Shri. Shailendra Dubey completed his schooling in 1983 and had done Bachelor of Science from Kanpur university (1986), Post Graduate diploma in Personal Management form Lucknow University (1989) and LLB form Rewa University (1991). Now he is the Legal head of North-Eastern factories of Grasim Industries.


Dubey of Mithabel were Kaushik Gotra Brahman who held a compact estate of twenty-nine villages from the south of Gorakhpur, the zamindari was since the 16th century. The Dubeys controlled an important market in Barhampur and Mithabel, which were the contiguous bazaars of Chaura and Mundera, adjacent to the village of Chotki Dumri. Dubeys were concentrated in Barampur and Mithabel in tehsil Gorakhpur, they were mainly involved in agriculture, holding considerable area of land.

Mithabel, is situated on a large mount of bricks ruins, which is said to be the remains of the ancient Nyagrodha (banyan tree) forest mentioned by Hiuen Tsang (Chinese Scholar & traveler) who traveled to Mithabel, near 630 A.D. These evidences show the rich history of the place of prosperous cities of the Moriyas.

Among the coparcenary communities, dominant and most wealthy was Dubey Brahman of Brahampur and Mithabel in Tappa Rajdhani of Gorakhpur Tehsil. They own 29 villages and had a revenue of Rs. 12,719.


  • Bhawani Dubey, 1st Zamindar of Mithabel, establish this zamindari  in 16th century under Mughal Empire.
  • Chikhar Dubey, 2nd Zamindar of Mithabel
  • Abhiraj Dubey, 3rd Zamindar of Mithabel, He expanded the estate enormously and established grain packaging factories in Chauri-Chaura.
  • Nageshwar Dubey, 4th Zamindar of Mithabel, signed the “Permanent Settlement” with the British East India Company in early 18th Century. It was in1803 that Gorakhpur came under direct British control. Prior to this, in 1801, the Nawab of Awadh was transferred to this region by the East India Company and Gorakhpur was given the status of being a district.
  • Triveni Dubey, 5th Zamindar of Mithabel
  • Babu Nandan Dubey, 6th and present Zamindar of Mithabel,

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Published Date :October 7, 2021 @ 5:19 pm

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