Tamkuhi Raj

Tamkuhi Raj


Dynasty : Bhumihar Brahmin

Hindi Name : तमकुही

Religion : Hindu

State : Uttar Pradesh

District :Kushinagar

Accession: 1st July 1952

present head

Raja Maheshwar Pratap Shahi , is the present head of Tamkhui Raj .

Short History

Tamkuhi RajThe Tamkuhi Estate is an ancient impartible Raj, succession to which is governed according to the rule of lineal primogeniture. The family share an agnatic descent with the Maharajas of Hathwa, as well as Majhauli. The founder of the family was Babu Ranbahadur Shahi, a younger son of Maharaja Fateh Shahi Bahadur of Hussepur (later Huthwa), who made Tamkuhi his capital in 1765. It became the seat of the Tamkuhi Raj, which later hosted an important hospital, schools, colleges, government buildings as a temple and the old Palace of the early zamindars.


  • Raja PRITHVIPAL Shahi, Raja of Tamkuhi, married and had issue.
    • Raja Kharrag [Kharga] Bahadur Shahi (qv)
  • Raja KHARRAG Bahadur Shahi, Raja of Tamkuhi, he obtained recognition of his title from the British Government; married a niece of Raja Mod Narain Singh of Tikari, and had issue.
    • Raja Krishna Pratap Shahi (qv)
  • Raja KRISHNA PRATAP Bahadur Shahi, Raja of Tamkuhi -/1892, born 1848, married and had issue, two sons. He died 1892.
    • Raja Shatrujit Pratap Bahadur Shahi (qv)
    • Kunwar Sarvajeet Pratap Bahadur Shahi [aka Sarabjit Pratap Bahadur Shahi], uncle of Raja Indrajit Pratap Bahadur Shahi, he was a generous patron of music, as well as being an accomplished musician himself; married and had issue.
      • Kunwar Chatrapati Pratap Bahadur Shahi, married a daughter of the Raja Saheb of Sheohar, and had issue.
        • Raja Jitendra Pratap Bahadur Shahi (qv)
  • Raja SHATRUJIT PRATAP Bahadur Shahi, Raja of Tamkuhi 189x/1898, born 27th July 1864 in Tamkuhi, educated at Colvin Taluqdars College, 1st Class Magistrate, M.L.C. in United Provinces; married Rani Padam Kuer. He died 10th October 1898.
    • Raja Indrajit Pratap Bahadur Shahi (by Rani Padam Kueri)
    • Kumari (name unknown), married 1902 (as his first wife), Maharaja Gopal Saran Singh of Tikari, and had issue. She died  in 1923.
    • Kumari (name unknown), married to the Kasiraj kumar of Kailgarh
  • Raja INDRAJIT PRATAP Bahadur Shahi , Raja of Tamkuhi [10.10.1898] – [12.6.1947], born 16th October 1892,  succeeded to the gadi on 10th October 1898; Magistrate, 3rd Class; a determined and able administrator, he served as District Board Chairman of Gorakhpur; patron of Devanagari Prachar Samiti; Founder of the Fateh Memorial Intermediate College; he was a donor to the Benares Hindu University, St. Andrews College in Gorakhpur, Maharana Pratap College in Gorakhpur, Buddha School in Kushinagar and many more; he patronized education in Tamkuhi and made education compulsory in the 1920’s; he was a life member and patron of the U.P. Automobile Association; he was a member of Liberal part of India and was as well a patron of Hindu Mahasabha; he was a patron of the arts, as well as football and wrestling, being the organizer of the first National wrestling competition; married Rani Jagdishwari Kuer, died 14th October 1950, daughter of the Raja of Sheohar. He died sp on 12th June 1947.
COURT OF WARDS the estate was partitioned between Kashi Rajkumar Bhagwati Prasad Singh of Kailgarh and Raja Khagendra Pratap Bahadur Shahi, Kunwar Bisheshwar Pratap Bahadur Shahi and Kunwar Novendra Pratap Bahadur Shahi.
  • Raja JITENDRA PRATAP Bahadur Shahi, Raja of Tamkuhi, he succeeded by survivorship as the nearest male agnate of the late Raja; married Rani Lokeswari Devi, daughter of Rai Bahadur Babu Sri Bhagwati Saran Singh, Zamindar of Anapur, and his first wife, Srimati Maiya Godavari Kuer (see Maksudpur), and had issue.
    • Raja Khargendra Pratap Bahadur Shahi (qv)
    • Rajkumar Bisheshwar Pratap Bahadur Shahi, born 4th March 1936, he succeeded his maternal grandfather to the Anapur Zamindari; married 1950 at Baidyanathdham, Deoghar, Rani Manorama Devi, and had issue. He died 9th April 1989.
      • Kumari Kiran Shahi, educated at Allahabad University (graduated with a Masters Degree); married the Late Dr. Sharad Kumar Shahi (son of former cabinet minster, Shree L. P. Shahi) of Patna, and has issue, two children.
        • Ms. Moni Shahi, married Shri Krishnamurti Singh of Sheohar estate.
        • Mr. Harsh Shahi
      • Kunwar Rajeshwar Pratap Shahi, he became joint owner, with his younger brother, of the Anapur Zamindari, educated at Allahabad Agricultural Institute; patron of the Bihar motor sports club, Founder member and Secretary of Vintage and Classic car club of Allahabad and Director of Uttar Pradesh Automobile Association; owner of a private collection of Vintage cars; President of the management committee of Chatrapati Smarak High School; married Kunwarani Reena Shahi, daughter of Late Rai Narendra Sharma of Bilaspur estate in West Champaran, she has earned her bachelors from Muzaffarpur and holds a degree in fashion designing; and has issue.
        • Kunwar Dr. Vaidurya Pratap Shahi, he completed his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Ehime University in Japan, and is now a researcher at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; he has travelled to London, Glasgow, Prague, Barcelona, Yokohama, Kyoto, etc to present his research at various international conferences and scientific meetings; he has to his credits now a number of research articles in various international scientific journals; married in May 2011, Kunwarani Shruti Kishore Shahi from Patna, she is a graduate in Mass communications from Patna Womens College, and was a journalist in Hindustan and is now pursuing her M.B.A.; she has also worked as newsreader and anchor for different TV channels.
      • Hon. Justice Kunwar Amreshwar Pratap Shahi, born on 1st January 1959, he became joint owner, with his elder brother, of the Anapur Zamindari in succession to his maternal grandfather; graduated in Law, 1985; enrolled as an advocate on 6th September 1985; he practised in the Allahabad High Court on the Civil, Constitutional side; he worked as Counsel for a large number of Educational Institutions; he was elevated to the position of Additional Judge on 24th September 2004 and later took oath as a Permanent Judge on 18th August 2005; married Kunwarani Tanuja Shahi, daughter of Shri Ravindra Narain Singh (from an illustrious family of Lawyers), educated at Allahabad University and holds a degree in Classical Indian Music, and has issue.
        • Kumari Dr. Ahna Shahi, she completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology while working as a lecturer at the Allahabad Agricultural Institute (Deemed University) in the Department of Psychology; married in April 2012, Shri Dr. Pratyush Rai, educated at I.I.T. Madras from where he graduated, then went on to earn a Masters degree in Nanobiotechnology and his Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from Arkansas University. (U.S.A.)
        • Kunwar Hritudhwaj Pratap Shahi, he is presently (2012) pursuing his degree in Law from Delhi.
    • Rajkumar Novendra Pratap Shahi, born 15th August 1938, educated at Benares; married Sunaina Devi, and has issue, two children.
      • Kunwar Nileshwar Pratap Shahi, educated at Benares Hindu University and has a degree in M.B.A. from Canada; married Sharmishtha Shahi, and has issue, two sons. (Washington, U.S.A.)
        • Kunwar O. M. Shahi
        • Kunwar Yash Shahi
      • Kumari Neelam Shahi, married Mr. Ajay Sharma, and hs issue, one daughter. (Canada)
  • Raja Khagendra Pratap Bahadur Shahi, married Rani Vidya Devi, and has issue.
    • Raja Maheshwar Pratap Shahi LL.B., educated at Benares Hindu University and graduated with his LL.B.; he is the founder of Raja Indrajit Pratap Shahi School in Tamkuhi
    • Rajkumar Rohit Pratap Shahi, married to Kunwarani Moni Shahi, and has issue.
      • Kunwar Rudrapriya Pratap Shahi
  • Raja Maheshwar Pratap Shahi , (present head of Tamkhui Raj ) married Kunwarani Priyamvada Shahi,(daughter of Late Shri Harikant Prasad Singh of Badhiya,Bihar) and has issue.
      • Kunwar Er. Aishwarya Pratap Shahi, B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering ,presently pursuing his post graduate 3 year degree in Law from Faculty of Law, Delhi University
      • Kunwar Shreeansh Pratap Shahi, currently pursuing his 5 year Bachelor’s in Law degree from National Law University, Cuttack, Orissa

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