Dynasty : Janwar

State: Oudh (Kheri Distt.)

Hindi Name : ओएल

Religion : Hindu

present head

Raja VISHNU NARAIN DUTT SINGH, present Raja Saheb of Kaimahra and Oel.

Short History

The ancestors of the family were originally Chauhan Kshatriyas in the service of the Sayyids of Pihani, having migrated from Rajasthan in the 16th century. Jamni Khan, an early ancestor, obtained the post of Chaudhuri of Kheri from Sayyid Khurda in 1553, with a right to levy tax on all the lands in that pargana. His descendants gradually increased their possessions, the Chaudhri Parbal Singh Janwar owning Oel, Kaimahra, and Khogi, and his descendant, the Rai Than Singh, of Oel, owning many more villages.


  • Rai BAKHT SINGH, Rai of Oel, son of Rai Pitam Singh; he built a large and handsome temple at Oel, married and had issue. He died after 1838.
    • Kunwar Umrao Singh, married and had issue.
      • Raja Anirudh Singh (qv)
      • generations
        • Thakur Madho Singh
      • Kumari (name unknown), married Raja Kishan Singh of Khandela Junior. 
    • Kunwar Raghunath Singh
    • Kunwar Zalim  Singh
  • Rai SABHA SINGH, Rai of Oel
  • Raja ANIRUDH SINGH, Raja of Oel -/1879, the title of Raja was conferred by the King of Oudh in 1849, it was recognized and made hereditary by the British Government in 1877; married and had issue. He died .
    • Raja Krishna Dutt Singh (qv)
  • Raja KRISHNA DUTT SINGH, Raja of Oel and Kaimahra 1879/1932, born , he succeeded to the gadi on 18th October 1879, married Thakurain Anand Kunwar, and had issue. He died .
    • Kunwar Baldeo Singh, Yuvaraj of Oel
    • Kunwar Ram Dutt Singh, married a daughter of Gen. Shri Padma Jung Bahadur of Nepal, and had issue. He died .
      • The Honourable Raja Yuveraj Dutt Singh (qv)
    • Thakur Tej Dutt Singh
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married HH Maharajadhiraj Shri Ghanesh Pal Deo Bahadur, Maharaja of Karauli.
  • The Honourable Raja YUVERAJ DUTT SINGH, Raja of Oel and Kaimahra 1932/1984 , born , educated privately initially, then at Mayo College, Ajmer; Director of the All-India Assurance Co., Ideal Films Ltd., National Mining and Trading Co., Metropolitan Newspaper Ltd., Sahitya Sang Ltd. and Export Co., Member of the Council of State, Member of the Advisory Committee of the Court of Wards (Kheri) and a Member of the Executive Committee of the Bristish Indian Association (Lucknow), married 1926, Shrimati Rani Chandrabhan Kumari Sahiba, daughter of Raja Bindeshwari Prasad Singh of Payagpur, Bahraich District, and had issue. He died .
    • Raja Jagdish Narain Dutt Singh (qv)
    • Kunwar Gopal Narain Dutt Singh
    • Rajkumari Shashi Prabha Kumari
  • Raja JAGDISH NARAIN DUTT SINGH, Raja of Oel and Kaimahra 1984/-, born , married 1945, Rani Anuradha Devi, daughter of Kumar Surpati Singh of Shohratgarh, and had issue.
    • Raja Vishnu Narain Dutt Singh (qv)
    • [?Kunwar Pradyumna Narain Dutt Singh, married Kunwarani Madhurima Singh, daughter of Sri Rajkumar Rajendra Prasad Singh of Daiya, and his wife, Rajkumarani Radha Singh.]
    • Kunwar Hari Narain Dutt Singh, married 1983, Kunwarani Sadhana Rajya Lakshmi Devi, born , daughter of Lt. Col. Shri Ina Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and his wife, Rani Manorama Rajya Lakshmi Devi, and has issue, one daughter.
      • Kumari Aradhana Singh
  • Raja VISHNU NARAIN DUTT SINGH, present Raja Saheb of Kaimahra and Oel born  at Lakhimpur Kheri, married 16th February 1971 in Allahabad, Rani Sudha Kumari, eldest daughter of Justice Raja Chandra Shekhar Prasad Singh, Raja Saheb of Daiya, and his wife, Rani Padma Devi, and has issue, two sons.
    • Yuvaraj Manvendra Narain Singh, married February 2000, Baisaheb Devika Kumari, daughter of Rao Dalel Singh of Bhinai, and his wife, Rani Divya Kumari.
    • Kunwar Dhruv Narain Singh

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