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Shahpur Bamheta


Dynasty : Yaduvanshi

Clan : Ahar

Sub-Clan : Atrish

Villages : Unknown

Hindi Name : शाहपुर बम्हेटा

Religion : Hindu

Present HEAD

Netaji Kunwar Gajendra Yadav, present Head of  Shahpur Bamheta Zamindari.


History of Shahpur Bamheta Zamindari begins from Raja Sohanpal Singh, son of Raja Deep Pal Singh.

Migration Route

Mathura ~ Dwarika ~ Gazni ~ Salivahanpur (sialkot)~ Kakor (meerut)~ Varonda(meerut) ~ Bisrakh(noida) ~ Shahpur Bamheta in Vikram samvatt 1093.

Story Of COa of shahpur bamheta zamindari

It is about the time when King Sohanpal and his convoy were passing by Bamheta. It was night and Raja Saheb decided to rest. He was looking for a suitable place to build his farm. Then everyone sees that a wolf is trying to raise a baby goat. And the goat is bravely fighting with the wolf. Then a person from the convoy proceeds to drive the wolf away but an elder stops him and the battle of the wolf and the goat continues. The attention of all people was on the same side. After trying for a long time, the wolf gives up on the goat and abandons the idea of raising the goat child and runs away.
That is when the king and the old man together tell everyone that the earthen soil of which a goat came into power and dared to fight the wolf by drinking water, then there is definitely something special in this place. This is a manly kheda. Surround this land, we will all settle here and make it our Garh. And later, Dhir Dev and Dharm Dev had the zamindari by trying vigorously with King Anangpal of Delhi. Even today, that place in Bamheta is called Kheda and Hamir Singh built Khedi Wali Haveli here in the 18th century.
In fact, Bamheta has something special in the water here, that even today its soil produce wrestlers and every house has a wrestler. And everyone is fond of wrestling. Bamheta is also known as the village of wrestlers.


  • Raja Deep Pal married to Chand Kaur
    • Raja Sohanpal married to Kachwaha Princess Anaradesh.(qv)
  • Raja Sohanpal married to Kachwaha Princess of Anaradesh.
    • Raja Arjan Singh, went to east.
    • Raja Surjan Singh(qv)
  • Raja Surjan Singh
    • Raja Dhir Dev
    • Raja Dharam Dev(qv)
  • Raja Dharam Dev Singh, tried hard with the Raja Anangpal Tomar(King of Delhi) laid foundation of Shahpur Bamheta on Monday, Asadha month, Sudhi Dauj Vkram Samvat 1093.
    {After 19 generation}
  • Ch. Pardhan Madu Singh
    •  Kunwar Shiv Singh
    •  Kuwar Ganga Bishan Singh
      • Mohan Singh
        • Prithvi Singh
        • Sheri Singh
          • Chidda Singh
            • Netaji Gajendra Yadav
            • Rajan Yadav
            • Mahipal Yadav
            • Prahlad Yadav
      • Lajja Ram Singh
    • Kunwar Hamir Singh(qv)
  • Ch. Hamir Singh was very illustrious and was posted as Risaldar in Birtish Indian Army. He buit the famous Khedwali Haveli.
    • Sadaram Singh, adopted Prithvi Singh(son of Mohan Singh) (qv)
    • Balaram Singh
  • Ch. Sadaram Singh
    • Prithvi Singh(qv)
  • Ch. Prithvi Singh, died, no issue
  • Ch. Seri Singh (brother of Ch. Prithvi Singh)
    • Kuwar Chidda Singh(qv)
  • Ch. Chidda Singh, last head of this Zamindari
    • Netaji Gajendra Yadav(qv)
    • Rajan Yadav
    • Mahipal Yadav
    • Prahlad Yadav
  • Netaji Kunwar Gajendra Yadav (Present Head)

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