Dynasty : Chandel

Hindi Name : गिधौर

Religion : Hindu

Area : 3,122km²

Accession :

State : Bihar (Monghyr Distt.)

Present Head

Maharaja Bahadur Rajrajeshwar PRASAD SINGH, Maharaja of Gidhaur since 2012, born , unmarried.


During mahabharat times Jamui was knows as Jaambhiyagram and later Jambhubani as per a copper plate presently in Patna Museum. Jamui is also the birth place of Lord Mahavira and the place of attaining Keval Gyan-Enlightment. Later the name changed to Patsanda. The ancestors originally belong to the mighty Chandravanshi Chandel Rajput dynasty from Mahoba. Khajurvatika later called Khajurajo was the capital and later shifted capital to Mahotsava Nagar later called Mahoba region of MP and eventually Kalinjar becoming the capital of Chandel rulers and they were the builders of the famous Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh. In 9th century Raja Nannuk was the first Chandel king followed by Raja Jai Shakti, Raja Vijay Shakti, Raja Rahil, Raja Harsh Dev, Raja Yashovarman, Raja Dhang Dev, Raja Gand, Raja Vidyadhar, Raja Vijai Pal, Raja Dev Varman, Raja Kirtivarman, Raja Sallakshan Varman, Raja Jai Varman, Raja Prithvi Varman, Raja Madan Varman, Raja YashoVarman II and last being Raja Parmardi Dev. In 12th century the Raja Parmardi Dev was overpowered by Prithviraj Chauhan, the ruler of Delhi and later by the Mughals. Allah and Udal were the two brave army chiefs of Raja Parmardi Dev who fought valiantly to protect Kalinjar but lost. The Chandel Rajput rulers migrated in different directions, one branch settled in Himachal Pradesh and founded Bilaspur State and later in Bijaygarh, Aghori-Barhar in Mirzapur Dist. UP and Bardi under Rewa State, MP. In 1266 AD, Raja Bir Vikram Singh, the younger brother of Raja of Bardi migrated to the region of Patsanda in Bihar and killed the aboriginal chief named Nagoria of Dosadh tribe and founded the kingdom and is said to be the first Rajput invader of this part of Jharkhand. Fort Naulakhagarh said to have been built by Sher Sher Shah Suri, was the seat of power of Rulers of Patsanda. Gidhaur is one of the oldest royal families of Bihar and have ruled Patsanda (Gidhaur) for over six centuries. Raja Sukhdeo Singh the 2nd Raja of Gidhaur constructed 108 temples dedicated to lord Shiva and one devi temple in Kakeshwar, near Gidhaur. In 1596 Raja Puran Singh, built the famous Jyotirling Shiv temple of Baidyandth Dham in Deoghar, Jharkhand. Raja Puran was very close friends with Raja Man Singh I of Amer and they cemented their friendship with a marital alliance with Raja Puran Mal’s daughter marrying Raja Chandrabhan Singh of Amer, who was the younger brother of Raja Man Singh I of Amer. Raja Puran Mal’s fame reached the courts of Delhi and supposedly the Mughal Emperor wanted to posses a Paras Mani owned by Raja Puran Mal and called Yuvraj Hari Singh to Delhi and kept him captive. During which time Raja Puarn Mal died and his younger son Rajkumar Bisambhar Singh was crowned Raja of Patsanda. Yuvraj Hari Singh impressed the Mughal emperor with his archery skills and was eventually released with a grant of a pargana Bishthazari and later upon his return, was granted the jagir of Khaira as a compromise, and Yuvraj Hari Singh becoming the 1st Raja of Khaira. In 1651 Raja Dalar Singh the 14th Raja of Gidhaur, received a Sanad from Emperor Shah Jahan. In 1919 Raja Hari Singh of Khaira’s descendant Raja Ram Narain Singh, sold the zamindari of Khaira to a syndicate headed by Rai Bahadur Baijnath Goenka of Munghyr. Patsanda was renamed Gidhaur by the name of railway station situated at 2 kilometer away from town. Jhajha was another important railway junction within the zamindari and Jamui was the sub division head quarters.

The rulers established, Government boys middle school, Government girls middle school, Ravaneswar Sanskrit mahavidwalaya, Maharaj Chandrachud vidya mandir in Gidhaur and a Public Library established in 1947.

Maharaja Bahadur Sir Jai Mangal Singh was granted with the hereditary title of Maharaha Bahadur and knighted with K.C.S.I. An article on him was published in The Graphic, a weekly newspaper in London in 1898. Maharaja Bahadur Ravneshwar Prasad Singh constructed the Minto Tower in 1909 to commemorate the visit of the then British Viceroy Lord Irwin to Gidhaur and also constructed the Diamond Jubilee Dispensary, which was considered to be one of the best medical facilities in Bihar and finds mention in the 1925 Mungyr Gazeteer. Maharaja Bahadur Ravneshwar Prasad Singh donated Rs. 10000 towards Patna Medical College.

In February 1932 Maharaja Bahadur Chandra Mouleshwar Singh was the third person in India, to have spotted and shot a white tiger measuring 293 cm(9.61 ft) in Lachwar forest of Gidhaur. The fully mounted trophy of this white tiger was donated by the Maharaja to the Indian Museum, Kolkata and is kept in the Mammal Gallery of the Indian Museum. This has been recorded and mentioned by famous wild life enthusiast and writer Richard Lydekker and later by S. Mohhamed Ali, Ex-Scientist of Zoological Survey of India in his account- The Cats of India. Maharaja Bahadur Chandra Mouleshwar Singh also donated to The Indian Museum Kolkata, a large stuffed trophy of a Python, which he had shot in the jungles of Gidhaur.

Rajkumar Kalika Prasad Singh of Mahuligarh, Gidhaur was a famous freedom fighter and Satyagrahi, who went to jail several times during the British rule and played a very crucial role in the 1921 Non-Coperation movement of Mahatama Gandhi. Kumar Kalika Memorial College in Jamui town, has been named after him. Rajkumar Digvijay Singh of Mahuligarh, Gidhaur was a very fine artist. Rajkumar Bageshwari Prasad Singh of Dabilgarh, Gidhaur was a great scholar, Poet and philosopher.

Kumar Digvijay Singh of Nayagaon (Lal Kothi), Gidhaur was a leading politician and was Member of Parliament for five terms. MP (Lok Sabha from Banka Constituency, Bihar)- 1998, 1999, 2009 and MP Rajya Sabha- 1990, 2004. He was Union Minister for Finance and later External Affairs in Shri. Chandra Shekhar Government (1990-1991) and again during Shir. Atal Bihari Vajpayee led National Democratic Alliance Government, (1999-2004) he was Union minister for Railways, Commerce and Industry and later External Affairs. He was also President of Riffle Association of India- 1999-2010.

Maharaja Bahadur Pratap Singh was twice elected Member of Parliament-Lok Sabha from Banka Constituency, Bihar- 1989 and 1991 from Janata Dal.


  • Raja BIR VIKRAM SINGH, founder and 1st Raja of Gidhaur, died in .
  • Raja SUKH DEO SINGH, 2nd Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja Dev Singh, 3rd Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja Ram Naranjan Singh, 4th Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja Raj Singh, 5th Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja Darp Narayan Singh, 6th Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja Raghunath Singh, 7th Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja Bariar Singh, 8th Raja of Gidhaur, died in .
  • Raja PURAN MAL, 9th Raja of Gidhaur, married and had issues, 2 sons and a daughter.
    • Yuvraj Hari Singh, granted pargana of Bishthazari by mughal emperor and later compensated with zamindari of Khaira Jagir, becoming the 1st Raja of Khaira.
    • Rajkumar Bisambhar Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumari (name unknown), married Rajkumar Chandrabhan Singh of Amer, younger brother of Raja Man Singh I of Amer.
  • Raja BISAMBHAR SINGH, 10th Raja of Gidhaur.
  • Raja DALAR SINGH, 14th Raja of Gidhaur, he received a farman from the Emperor Shah Jahan in 1651
  • Raja BHARAT SINGH, Raja of Gidhaur fl.1798
  • Raja GOPAL SINGH, Raja of Gidhaur, he was recognised by the British Government as the Raja of Gidhaur, married and had issue. He died in or about October 1812.
    • Raja Jaswant Singh (qv)
    • Raja Nawab Singh (qv)
  • Raja JASWANT SINGH, Raja of Gidhaur 1812/1820, died .
  • Raja NAWAB SINGH, Raja of Gidhaur 1820/-, married had had issues, 2 sons.
    • Yuvraj Jai Mangal Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumar Jagmohan Singh, married Rajkumari (name unknown), daughter of Raja of Deo Zamindari in Gaya Dist. Bihar and granted jagir of Kharaich, had issues, 3 sons.
      • Rajkumar Khageshwari Prasad Singh, granted the jagir of Lalpur.
      • Rajkumar Anand Kishore Prasad Singh.
      • Rajkumar Sharda Prasad Singh.
  • Maharaja Bahadur Sir JAI MANGAL SINGH K.C.S.I., Maharaja of Gidhaur -/1889, he was conferred the title of Maharaja Bahadur as a personal distinction for his eminent services during the Santal insurrection and the Mutiny of 1857, on the occasion of the Proclamation of Her Most Gracious Majesty as Empress of India, on 1st January 1877, Maharaja Sir Jaimangal Singh received the hereditary title of Maharaja Bahadur, married Maharani (name unknown), daughter of Raja of Deo Zamindari in Gaya Dist. Bihar and had issues, 4 sons. He died .
    • Yuvraj Shiv Prasad Singh (qv)
    • Mahajkumar Har Prasad Singh, granted jagir of Dabil Garh, married and had issues, one daughter and 3 sons.
      • Rajkumari Parmanand Devi, married Thakur Sa Lal Lakshman Pradad Singh Ju Deo of Raghunathpur (Rampur Naikin) first-class tazimi sirayat of Rewah State (M.P.)
    • Maharajkumar Ishwari Prasad Singh, granted jagir of Machhindra, married and had issues, 8 sons and 2 daughters. One of his daughter was married to a wealthy zamindar of Gaharwal Rajput clan in Piro Pargana, Bihar.
    • Maharajkumar Guru Prasad Singh, granted jagir of Nayagaon, married and had issues, 3 sons.
      • Kumar Amarendra Prasad Singh
        • Shri Kumar Surendra Singh, married Shrimati Sona Devi, and had issue.
          • Shri Kumar Digvijay Singh M.A., M.Phil.; J.D. (Bihar); born , an Indian politician from the state of Bihar; educated at Patna University, at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (M.A. and M.Phil.), and at Tokyo University; Member of the Lok Sabha in 1998, 1999 and 2009; Member of the Rajya Sabha [10.4.1990] – [9.4.1996] and 2004; Union Minister of State 1990/1991 and 1999/2004; he served as the President of The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) from 1999 until his death; Vice-President of the Indian Olympic Association; he built the Sona Devi Charitable Hospital in Gidhaur; he created the Gidhaur Foundation, which organized the ‘Gidhaur Mahotsav’ during the Durga Puja in Gidhaur, between 2001 and 2007; married Shrimati Putul Kumari, and had issue, one son and one daughter. He died  in London. (Lal Kothi, Gidhaur, Jamui, Bihar, India)
            • Kumari Mansi Singh
            • Kumari Shreyasi Singh
        • Shri Kumar Birendra Singh
          • Shri Kumar Tripurari Singh
            • Kumari Katyayani Singh
            • Kumari Kamakshi Singh
  • Maharaja Bahadur SHIV PRASAD SINGH, Maharaja of Gidhaur 1889/-, married Maharani Murti Rajkumari, daughter of Raja Sahebzada Singh of Jagdishpur zamindari, Bihar and had issues.
    • Maharaja Bahadur Ravneshwar Prasad Singh (qv)
    • Rao Saheb Maharajkumar Maheshwari Prasad Singh, married Kunwarani Dilraj Kumari Devi of Nauganva, Mirzapur Dist. UP, granted jagir of Mahuli Garh, married and had issues, 4 sons.
      • Rajkumar Ranveer Singh, married and had no issues.
      • Rajkumar Digvijay Singh, died , married Kuwarani Laxmi Rajkumari Devi (born , died ), daughter of Raja of Jhilmili, Jagir of Surguja, MP and had issues, two daughters.
        • Rani Annapurna Devi, married Raja Laliteshwar Prasad Singh of Shakarpura Raj, Bihar and has issues, 8 sons and a daughter.
        • Kunwarani Sarojini Devi, married Rajkumar Sumangal Singh of Hariharpur Pakke, Bharaich Dist. UP and had issue.
      • Rajkumar Kalika Prasad Singh, was a noted freedom fighter, married and had issues, 2 daughters.
      • Rajkumar Chandra Shekar Prasad Singh, married and had issues, 2 sons.
        • Kumar Chandrabhal Singh, married and had issues, 2 sons.
        • Kumar Prakash Singh, died unmarried and without any issue.
  • Maharaja Bahadur RAVNESHWAR PRASAD SINGH K.C.I.E., Maharaja of Gidhaur -/1923, born , educated in Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi and English, he is well known for his benevolence and loyalty, he received a khilat from the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal on succeeding to the title, as well as the privilege of exemption from attendance in Civil Courts, K.C.I.E. [cr.1895], M.L.C. (Bengal); married 1stly Maharani (name unknown), daughter of Raja of Shankargarh and 2ndly to Maharani (name unknown), daughter of Raja of Dera, near Lucknow, UP and had issues. He died .
    • Maharaja Bahadur Chandra Mouleshwar Prasad Singh (qv)
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown), married Rawat Saheb Kesri Singhji of Kanore.
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown), married Rao Saheb Umrao Singhji of Nimrana.
    • Maharajkumari (name unknown), married Thakur Sangram Singhji of Diggi.
  • Maharaja Bahadur CHANDRA MOULESHWAR PRASAD SINGH, Maharaja of Gidhaur 1923/-, born , married (a), daughter of Raja Giriwar Prasad Singh, Raja of Ranka, married (b), daughter of the Raja of Kama, married (c), daughter of the Raja of Mallapur, and had issue.
    • Maharaja Bahadur Chandra Chur Singh (qv)
    • Thakurani Indumati Devi, married Thakur Saheb Ranjit Singhji of Bakhatgarh.
    • Maharajkumari Bimla Kumari, married Raja Saheb Maheshwari Prasad Singh, Talukdar of Makhari/Makrai (UP), and had issue.
      • Rajkumar Amar Singh, married Rajkumarani Manhar Kumari, daughter of Colonel Rajkumar Guman Singh of Banera, and his wife, Rajkumarani Anand Kunwar, and had issue.
        • Lal Saheb Gyanendra Singh of Makrahi.
      • Rajkumari Mahima Kumari, married December 1966 at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, Rajkumar Sagar Vikram Shah of Tehri-Garhwal.
    • Maharaj Kumari Aparna Kumari, married Raja Saheb Balbahadur Singh of Raghogarh.
  • Maharaja Bahadur CHANDRA CHUR SINGH, Maharaja of Gidhaur -/1937, born , married Maharani Girija Kumari, daughter of Lt.Col. HH Sir Maharaja Narendra Shah Sahib Bahadur of Tehri-Garhwal, and his wife, HH Maharani Indu Mati Devi, and had issue. He died .
    • Maharaja Bahadur Pratap Singh (qv)
  • Maharaja Bahadur PRATAP SINGH, Maharaja of Gidhaur 1937/2012. Born  in Gidhaur, MP, died , married 2nd May 1955, Maharani Pratibha Manjari Devi, daughter of HH Maharaja Sir Shri Pratap Chandra Bhanj Deo of Mayurbhanj, and his wife, HH Maharani Prema Kumari Devi, and has issue.
    • Maharaj Kumari Shruti Kumari [Rani Shruti Kumari of Manda], born , married Raja Bahadur Ajeya Pratap Singh of Manda, and has issue, two daughters.
    • Maharaj Kumari Pramiti Manjari Devi [Rani Pramiti Manjari Devi of Zaniadra], born , married Rana Umesh Chandra Singh of Zaniadra.
    • Maharaj Kumar Rajrajeshwar Prasad Singh (qv)
    • Maharaj Kumari Prakriti Manjari Devi, born .
  • Maharaja Bahadur Rajrajeshwar PRASAD SINGH, Maharaja of Gidhaur (See Above)

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