Naigaon Rebai

Princely State

Dynasty : Yaduvanshi

Clan : Dau Ahir

Religion : Hindu

Location : Bundelkhand

Hindi Name : नायगाँव रिबाई

Privy Purse : ₹ 5000

Present HEAD

Present Head is Thakur Raj Bahadur Singh Judev.



Naigaon Rebai (or Naigawan Rebai) was one of the small princely states of India during the period of the British Raj. The state was founded in 1807 by Thakur Lakshman Singh Judev by defeating Nawab of Banda. He received the (Sanad) charter of British Raj to rule the area of Naigaon Ribai of Bundelkhand.


  • Thakur Lakshman Singh, founded the Naigaon Rebai State in 1807 by defeating Nawab of Banda.
      • Kuwar Jagat Singh (qv)
  • Thakur Raja Jagat Singh, ascended the throne of Naigaon Ribai after the death of Thakur Lakshman Singh in 1880, and crowned with title of “Sawai”. He remained in power till 1838.; Married Kunwarani Dulaiya Devi.
  • Thakurain Dulaiya Devi, after demise of her husband she  got into the throne in 1839. Under the British Rule she was honored with the rank of Chief Ruler and has 6 cavalry, 51 foot soldiers and 1 cannon. She was counted among the appropriate administrators of Bundelkhand. She adopted Kuwar Ratan Singh Judev
      • Kuwar Ratan Singh Judev (qv)
  • Thakur Ratan Singh Judev
      • Kuwar Vijay Bahadur Singh Judev
  • Thakur Vijay Bahadur Singh Judev, He was Last Ruling King of State,
      • Thakur Raj Bahadur Singh Judev.(qv)
  • Thakur Raj Bahadur Singh Judev (Present Head Of Sate).


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