Princely State

Dynasty: Parmar

Gun Salutes: 15

Revenue: INR 900,000

Privy Purse: INR 290,000

State: Madhya Pradesh

Agency: Central India Agency

Area: 4,660.29 km²

Hindi Name: धार

Accession: 15th June 1948

Capital: Dhar City, Malwa Agency

Population: 253,210 (1941)

present head

HH Maharaja Shrimant HEMENDRA SINGH PUAR Bahadur, coronated as the 12th Raja of Dhar on 15th January 2015. Married to Shaila Raje and has issue, one son [Times of India] [Hindustan Times]. He died on  due to cancer illness.
  • Kumar Prathameshwar Singh Puar


Founded in 1728. The title of Viswas Rao (“Faithful”) is said to have been conferred on this family by the Maharajas of Satara, as the descendants of Sivaji and the heads of the Mahratta Empire, but it has not been recognised for some years prior to 1893. The Maharaja maintains a military force of 367 cavalry, 1249 infantry, and 5 guns, and is entitled to a salute of 15 guns (in 1893).


    • Raja UDAJIRAO I PUAR, 1st Raja of Dhar 1728/1732 (abdicated), died .
    • Raja ANANDRAO I PUAR, 2nd Raja of Dhar 1732/1736 (abdicated), he was acknowledged by the Peshwa, Baji Rao, to be the head of the Puar Rajput clan, married and had issue. He died .
      • Raja Jaswantrao Anandrao Puar (qv)
      • Shrimant Sardar Rayajirao Pawar (Amdabadkar), married and had issue, the Amdabadkar Pawar estate holders of Amdabad, Pune District, Maharashtra; married and had issue, two sons.
        • Shrimant Sardar Malharrao Rayajirao Pawar, married and had issue, one son.
          • Shrimant Sardar Balwantrao Malharrao Pawar, married and had issue.
            • Shrimant Sardar Malharrao Balwantrao Pawar, married and had issue.
              • Shrimant Sardar Krushnajirao alias Sardar Rayajirao Pawar, married and had issue.
                • Shrimant Sardar Malharrao Rayajirao Pawar, married and had issue.
                  • Shrimant Sardar Sambhajirao Malharrao Pawar, married and had issue.
                    • Sardar Bhupendra Sambhajirao Pawar (France)
                    • Sardar Ravindra Sambhajirao Pawar, married and has issue, two sons.
                      • Sardarkumar Himanshu Ravindra Pawar, born .
                      • Sardarkumar Hrisshikesh Ravindra Pawar, born .
        • Shrimant Sardar Vitthalrao Rayajirao Pawar (Ladavad), he died sp.

REGENCY 1736/1745

    • Raja JASWANTRAO I PUAR, 3rd Raja of Dhar 1736/1761, born , died in the Battle of Painipat in 1761.
      • Raja Khanderao Jaswantrao Puar (qv)
    • Rajmata Gahenabai Raje Sahib Puar, Regent of Dhar 1761/1777
    • Raja KHANDERAO PUAR, 4th Raja of Dhar, Raja of Dhar 1761/1782, born , died .
    • Rajmata Nubadhabai Raje Sahib Puar, Regent of Dhar 1782/1798
    • Raja ANANDRAO II PUAR, 5th Raja of Dhar 1782/1807, born , married Rani (later Rajmata) Minabai Sahib Puar, she was celebrated for her courage and abilities, and the determination with which she resisted the attacks of Scindia and Holkar, and had adoptive issue. He died .
      • (ARaja Ramchandrarao Anandrao Puar (qv)
    • Rajmata Mainabai Raje Sahib Puar, Regent of 1807/1810, she adopted her sister’s son in 1810, with the consent of the neighbouring Chiefs, and he succeeded as Raja Ramchandrarao Puar II (


    • )
    • Raja RAMCHANDRARAO I PUAR, 6th Raja of Dhar 1807/1810, born , died .

REGENCY 1810/1827

    • Raja RAMCHANDRARAO II PUAR, 7th Raja of Dhar 1810/1833, he succeeded by adoption, born , married and had adoptive issue. He died .
      • (ARaja Jaswantrao Ramchandrarao Puar (qv)

REGENCY 1833/1840

    • Raja JASWANTRAO II PUAR, 8th Raja of Dhar 1833/1857, born , he succeeded by adoption. He died sp in 1857.
    • Rajmata Sri Draupadibai Raje Sahib Puar, Regent of Dhar [23.5.1857] – [19.1.1858] 

STATE CONFISCATED [19.1.1858] – [1.5.1860], for rebellion during the uprising.


REGENCY [1.5.1860] – [1.10.1864]

    • HH Maharaja Sir ANANDRAO PUAR III Bahadur K.C.S.I., C.I.E., 9th Raja of Dhar 1860/1898, born , he succeeded by adoption, investiture was held on 21st November 1864, he was granted the right of adoption by a Sanad (note to No. LXIV) in 1862 by the Government of India; on the occasion of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi on 1st January 1877, the title of Maharaja was conferred upon him as a personal distinction, and he was also appointed a Knight Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India; the further decoration of Companion of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire was conferred upon him on 1st January 1883; married 1stly, Maharani (name unknown), died in , married 2ndly, 1890, Maharani (name unknown), and had adoptive issue. He died sp in 1898.
      • (AShrimant Udajirao Sambajirao Puar, younger son of the late Maharaja’s half-brother, Shrimant Sambajirao Puar [Appa Sahib] of Malthan, he succeeded as Lt.-Col. HH Maharaja Shri Sir Udajirao Anandrao Puar Bahadur (qv)


    • Lt. Col. HH Maharaja Shri Sir UDAJIRAO II PUAR Bahadur K.C.S.I., C.I.E., K.B.E., 10th Raja of Dhar 1898/1926, born , he succeeded by adoption, Maharaja [cr.1918], K.C.S.I. [cr.1911], K.C.V.O., K.B.E., married HH Maharani Sahiba, Regent of Dhar, died , and had issue, seven daughters. He died .
      • Maharajkumari Vijaya Raje Puar, born , Member of the Rajya Sabha 1952/1957, married Lt. Dr. Maharajkumar Basant Narain Singh of Ramgarh. (Raj Bungalow, Post Office and District Hazaribagh, Bihar).
      • Rani Urmila Devi [Sumitraraje], born , married May 1939, Chhatrapati Shri Shahumaharaj Bhonsle of Satara, and had issue. She died  in Pune.
    • Dowager Maharani Laxmibai Sahiba Pura, Regent of Dhar 1926/1931 


  • HH Maharaja ANANDRAO IV PUAR Bahadur, 11th Raja of Dhar 1926/1989, born , he succeeded by adoption, married 1951 (div.), HH Maharani Mrunalini Devi, Chancellor of Sayaji University of Baroda, daughter of HH Maharaja Gaekwad Sir Pratapsinghrao Gaekwad Sena Khas Khel Shamsher Bahadur Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia of Baroda, and his first wife, HH Maharani Shanta Devi Saheb. He died sp 1989.
  • HH Maharaja Shri JUGDEO RAO PUAR Bahadur, born ; Heir of his brother.
  • HH Maharaja Shrimant HEMENDRA SINGH PUAR Bahadur.

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