Zahir-ud-din Muhammad popularly known as Emperor Babur is considered a national hero in Uzbekistan. It is said that ,as a Timurid Babur was not only inspired and influenced by the Persian culture ,but also during his rule he gave rise to the expansion of Persianate ethos in India. His rule reflect back the sign of Islamic ,artistic literary and social aspects in India.

 Babur is considered a national hero in Uzbekistan

Babur is considered a national hero in Uzbekistan

  • Babur is considered a national hero in Uzbekistan ,as during the Soviet Union Uzbek scholars got inspired from Babur and praised him and other historical figures such as Ali-Shri Nava’i.
  • On Feburary 14,2008 on his 525th birth anniversary stamps in his name were issued in the country .Many of Babur’s poem have been become popular Uzbek’s folk song.In October 2005 Pakistan developed the Babur Cruise Missile ,in his honour .
  • Babur left behind the lively and well-written autobiography known as “Baburnama”.

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