Nagvanshi is an ancient dynasty in India, claiming descendancy from Nagas. The Nagavanshi were mentioned as an snake-worshipping tribe of ancient India.

As per the Mahabharata, Nags were born to Sage Kashyap and his wife Kadru. Kadru gave birth to a thousand snakes, of which Shesha was the eldest. After Shesha, Vasuki, Airavata and Takshaka were born, in order. And Descendents Of Ananta Shesha Nag, Vasuki Nag, Takshaka Nag, etc were known as Nagvanshi.

Rajput and Jats of north India are claimed themself to be the descendents of Nagavanshi and Nairs of Kerala are also claiming themself as descendents of Nagavanshi.

Ancestry of Nagvanshi :-

According to the Hindu Puranas, the genealogy of Nagvanshi as follows:
1.> Lord Brahma
2.> Marichi (one of the Saptarishi created by Brahma.)
3.> Kashyapa (son of the Marichi and his wife Kala)
4.> Ananta Shesha Naga, Vasuki Naga, Takshaka Naga,etc (sons of the Kashyap and his wife Kadru)

Nagvanshi History
Nagvanshi History

Some Famous Nags mention in Hindu mythology are :-

  • Ananta Shesha Nag : Shesha Nag or Adishesha, is the King of all Nagas. He is sometimes referred to as Ananta Shesha. He is said to have descended to Earth in two human forms or avatars : Lakshmana, brother of Vishnu’s avatar Rama of Suryavansh, and as Balarama, brother of Vishnu’s avatar Krishna of Yaduvansh.

    Naagvanshi :Court of Arm
    Naagvanshi :Court of Arm
  • Vasuki Nag : Vasuki is a serpent king in Hindu religion. He is described as having a gem called Nagmani on his head. He is Lord Shiva’s snake and famous for coiling around Shiva’s neck, who blessed and wore him as an ornament. Vasuki took part in the incident of Samudra madanam by allowing both the devas and the asuras to bind him to Mount Mandara, so that they could use him as their churning rope to extract the Amrita from the ocean.
  • Takshaka Naag : Takshaka is a Nagraj in Hinduism. He is mentioned in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He lived in a city named Takshasila, which was the new territory of Takshaka after his race was banished by Pandavas led by Arjuna from the Khandava Forest and Kurukshetra, where they built their new kingdom.

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  1. Ramesh Singh Naagvanshi

    Was Takhishila named after Taksh only? There is a story of princess of Takhishila marrying to Some one belonging to Panadavs clan .Can you plss find out ???

    1. Dr.Ramya

      Yes , Takhishila was named after Taksh only.

  2. Aman Rawat

    Is Pasi Caste which is considered as SC Caste in UP related to Naagvansh?

    1. The Eitihasskar Desk

      People of Paasi caste in Uttar Pradesh fall under General to SC category. There are many paasi who are khastriya and they claim their origin to Naagvanshi Clan.

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