Emperor Babur: Who was Emperor Babur?

  • Zahir-ud-din Muhammad popularly known as Emperor Babur was the founder of the Mughal Empire in India.
  • Born on Febuaray 14,1483 in Andijan (now in Uzbekistan) to Timurid Empire to Umar Sheikh Mirza & Qutlaq Nigar Khanum.
  • His father Umar Sheikh Mirza was  the Emir of Ferghana and his mother Qutlaq Nigar Khanum was the daughter of Moghuli King Yunus Khan.
  • The literal meaning of “Babur” is “Lion”.

How and why did Babur conquered the Delhi Sultanate ,India?

When in 1494,Emir of Ferghna Umar Sheikh Mirza died then Babur was just 11 years and he ascended hid father’s throne but it was not easy for him. He has to face his uncles and cousins who were always  ready to replace him. When Zahir-ud-din Muhammad was busy at conquering the Silk Road oasis city of Samarkand, his uncles and cousins revolted against him and when Zahir-ud-din Muhammad came back to his base Andijan he lost control of Samarkand.

Emperor Babur: Who was Emperor Babur?

For 10 years(1494-1504) Babur sought to recover Samarkand and twice occupied in briefly in 1947 and 1501.The Uzbek ruler Muhammad Shaybani Khan ,a descendant of Genghis Khan defeated Babur and within three years he had to lost Samarkand and his principality of Fergana.Babur finally at a age of 21 years in 1504 turned to Southeast, and conquered Kabul ,establishing a base for his new kingdom .

In 1521 Babur got opportunity for expansion , The Sultan of Delhi Sultanate ,Ibrahim Lodi was hated by his citizen and the nobals of his court was so fed up with him that they invited Babur to come to the Delhi Sultanate and depose Ibrahim Lodi and this resulted in the First Battle of Panipat (on April 21,1526) that marked the fall of the Delhi Sultanate and beginning of the Mughal Empire in India .Babur decided to built his capital at Agra.


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